Another Splinter Group leader who had already been separated from the Philadelphia Era because of a book which he insisted on publishing assumed the position as head of an i n c o r p e r a t e d Church named after the Philadelphia Era. Something Mr. Armstrong could have done BUT DID NOT DO!

He has spent MILLIONS of DOLLARS of GODS’ TITHE MONEY on a huge auditorium! And now on a reported G2 Corporate Jet Aircraft costing many thousands of Dollars of GODS’ TITHE money just sitting on the ground! The maintenance of this plus the flying time ads up to hundreds of thousands of dollars of GODS’ TITHE which should be used to WARN OUR NATIONS of impending Nuclear Attack!

A G2 became a necessary expense when the parent Church of God was around 150,000 people with $200,000,000 of annual Tithes and Offerings and Contributions of income, but this is a totally UNCALLED FOR EXTRAVAGANCE by a Splinter Group.

The British Evangelist

Even the British EVANGELIST who one would think would have acquiesced to the will of the Ministry of the larger Splinter Group which elected him as a compromise leader because of a dispute going on, later decided to ask him to STEP DOWN. Instead, he decided to pull rank of Evangelist and separated out his supporters mainly in Britain causing another SPLIT in Christ’s Body!

And later again the remaining Splinter Group was split almost in half, with dispute in part over where the new Church Headquarters should be built! And because the M E N in control could no longer agree! With Satan again dividing Christ’s Body!


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