What could a bible prophecy written thousands of years ago have to do with the American and British descendant peoples today, in this 21st Century?

The book of Geneses, Chapter 35 verse10, states, ” …. no longer is your name Jacob, Israel shall be your name.” And in verse 11, ” …. a NATION and A COMPANY of NATIONS shall come from you, and KINGS shall come from you.”

No Kings In Israel Today

Today, Israel has its capital at Jerusalem, but there are no kings in the state of Israel today.

David received a promise that ‘his royal dynasty would last throughout history, ruling over Israel.’ Yet, today the nation of Israel has no king! If we cannot find royalty descended from David, ruling over at least a part of Israel, then no trust should be placed in bible prophecy!

The Twelve Brother Nations

King’s David and Solomon and their royal family once ruled over the descendants of 12 brothers who, as prophesied became 12 independent but often aligned nations living in Western and North-Western Europe, The British descendant nations, Ireland and the United States of America. Read the new ‘America’s Future’ on Library Page 1.

See ‘From Jerusalem To London‘ and ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy‘ on Page 1 of the America And Britain’s Future Free Library.

These titles trace the migration of Israel’s descendants and the transfer of part of King David’s royal family to Ireland and Scotland, then to England, where they continue to rule today!

Learn These Prophecies

Also learn the prophecies explaining why America and Britain’s future success or failure depends on our leaders returning our nations LAWS and commitment to again living ‘UNDER GOD’ to have stability and prosperity return!

And in order to avert a series of national tragedies which continue developing in terror, drought, and war!


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