Most Americans are still a little afraid to visit Northern Ireland because of the violence which they watched on their newscasts over 30 years, when in fact in the worst of times all statistics were favorable compared to any American city of 1.5 million people, which is the population of Northern Ireland. The total population of all of Ireland is only 5 million people. There are many more times that figure Americans with Irish and Scots-Irish decent today.

Why not plan a visit to Northern Ireland on your next Irish vacation. While there spend some time at the Ulster American Heritage Center. You will be amazed to learn that our second President John Adams and his cousin Samuel Adams ‘the father of the American Revolution’ and Johns son President John Quincy Adams as well as “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death” Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine who wrote ‘Common Sense’ questioning British rule were all Scots-Irish.

The men who printed and gave the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence, and also about ‘one third’ of its signers including John Hancock, were Scots-Irish colonists who’s ancestry is from Northern Ireland.

At the time the first Continental Congress met in Philadelphia Samuel Adams was there in the city encouraging those gathered. The larger 300 Ministry leadership of the Scottish Presbyterian Church met there, and issued a letter instructing thousands of church members to ‘Back The Revolution.’

The music played for every U.S. President ‘Hail To The Chief’ is an old ‘Scottish Aire.’

These Israelite descendants of Manasseh took control of the American continent fulfilling the prophecies detailed in ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’ found on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

Slave Ships Rejected

The port cities of Northern Ireland refused slave ships as a protest against slavery, refusing the toll money which came from each slave passing through the British ports. The Scottish Highlanders believed ‘No Man Should Be Another Man’s Slave! John Adams died a comparatively poor man. He was given slaves by friends to work his farm, he would accept these and immediately release them!

Most famous frontiers men such as Crocket, Boon and Carson were Scots-Irish as were 15 U.S. Presidents to date, including Bill Clinton, George H.W. and George W. Bush.

President Donald Trump’s mother Mary McLeod came from the Scottish Island of Lewis not far from the Isle of Harris owned my the smaller Harris clan (my name) who wore the McLeod tartan-plad and fought for and were protected by the McLeod’s.

Many Vice Presidents, State Governors, Senators, Members of the Supreme Court and founders of the great U.S. universities such as Harvard and Yale. Also the original American conservationists Jackson and Muir were Scots.

Ulsters Red Hand

Learn the true story of the Red Hand of Ulster revealing the origins of the British Royal Family and the Scots-Irish people in ‘From Jerusalem To London’ Chapter 5, on Page 1 of the Library, This traces the steps of part of the early migration of the Scots from Jerusalem to Ireland, later to Scotland and to Nova Scotia (New Scotland) in Canada and to America!

Much of Raymond McNair’s ‘From Jerusalem To London’ is focused on the overlooked part of Ireland’s early history, showing the coming of the original ‘Irish saint and patriarch’ the Prophet Jeremiah from whom the much later St. Patrick took his name. See this short informative history on Page 1 of the Library.

The Irish people are to receive a WARNING. It is totally correct to begin using Gods’ tithe money to WARN your home town or city by beginning ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy Public Outreach Program,’ provided at the end of each Librarian’s Comments page.

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