Brian Newell Harris

Chapter 1: The Long Awaited New Nation

When Thomas Jefferson of Welch, Scottish and English descent wrote ‘We find these truths to be self-evident’ and ‘seeking life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ those residing in the colonies were not aware that he was quoting from the writings of the Scottish educator and philosopher who had expounded the doctrine of Self Evident Truth.

Samuel Adams regarded as the father of the Revolution assisted Jefferson in writing the Declaration of Independence, he was of Ulster-Scottish descent as were the men who printed the document and read it in public for the first time.

In 1789 George Washington of Scottish descent became the 1st four year American President. John Adams, Samuel’s cousin, became the 2nd American President in 1797. Thomas Jefferson became America’s 3rd President in 1801 and John Quincy Adams son of John Adams became the 6th American President in 1825. Andrew Jackson another of Ulster-Scottish descent became America’s 7th President.

A long line of Scottish and Ulster-Scottish American Presidents and Vice Presidents, Senators and Congressmen, States Governors, and Supreme Court Justices would be given control of the new nation. Why this was meant to be is explained as we go through this short expose.

New Scotland

The First Scottish Settlement of Nova Scotia-New Scotland had been founded by King James 1st of Scotland in 1621 placing the Scottish name on the North American Continent.

In 1603 King James VI of Scotland accepted the offer to become King of England ending Seven Hundred Years of Royalty in Scotland. In 1707 a Royal Proclamation from London ended the 470 years existence of the Scottish Parliament and in 1708 Acts of Union were signed combining the United Kingdoms of England and Scotland.

England had taken total control of Scotland by law. The Scottish people felt they had been unwillingly reduced to non-nation status as second-class citizens of the United Kingdom. And as the British colonization of America and Canada progressed with Australia and New Zealand soon to follow they were left to languish in the shadow of the forming Great British Empire.


The Puritan Attempt

The Puritan attempt to establish a colony had failed in what they found to be a hostile environment, and after loss of life through starvation and disease their survival was in peril.

The story of an English speaking Native-American walking into the Puritan village and agreeing to supply their needs shows how small the world was becoming even back then. And of course the American thanksgiving celebration originated from the Native-American thanksgiving to their god’s.

But when the land was farmed by the hard working agriculturally wise Ulster-Scottish settlers the colonies would become a much better existence. And they had already had a gut-full of British rule back in the North of Ireland!

The Thirteen Ships

On one day alone in 1718 thirteen ships sailed into Philadelphia Harbor completing the ten to twelve-week voyage from Ulster with their entire village communities aboard complete with school teacher and Presbyterian Minister with many more to follow. They would winter in the cities before heading out to re-establish their same villages on the frontier of the colonies.

From Delaware and the Carolinas they flowed all the way into the Appellation and Blue Ridge Mountains to Tennessee and Kentucky heading further South. Texas Speak is nothing but old Ulster-Scottish linguistics. From Philadelphia and Boston they would scatter throughout the North East.

By arriving early and in sufficient numbers it was given to them to be able to effectively forge and shape the establishment of the new nation. And in cooperation with the early influential English colonists would faithfully watch over the development of what would become the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth.

Learning who these people are descended from and the promise that was given to their ancestors will give us the key to fully understanding the American story and will allow us to look into America’s Future.

Who Are The Scots?

The Scottish people had taken their name from Scota, a Jewish Princess, whose ancestors had accompanied her from Jerusalem to Ulster the northern kingdom of Erin’ two thousand five hundred years ago after the fall of Jerusalem before Erin’ became known as Ire-land. Erin’ and Alba present day Scotland, were known as the realm of Scotia until the Tenth Century.

They brought the royal lineage of King David to Tara, Ireland’s High Kingdom, later this would be transferred to Scotland and then to London, England when King James VI of Scotland became James 1st of England and Scotland. The British Royal Family are the direct descendants of King David through Solomon.

The Ulster-Scots began arriving in the colonies as early as the mid-sixteen hundreds and by the mid-eighteen hundreds they numbered around half a million!

‘Common Sense’

It was the English-American patriot Thomas Paine who wrote Common Sense the most popular pamphlet in favor of the revolution circulated throughout the thirteen colonies. He took his inspiration from the Scottish educator and philosopher who had formulated the doctrine of Common Sense. Samuel Addams applauded the inspirational strength this gave the colonists.

Patric Henry, the son of Scottish parents whose famous cry “Give me LIBERTY or give me DEATH” stirred those in Virginia and throughout the colonies!

In 1775 and again in 1777, Benjamin Franklin visited the Scottish University cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as visiting the many ‘Glee Clubs’ where Scottish intellectuals, educators, and ministry freely associated.

It was in these clubs that all of the philosophies of the day were openly debated and challenged over several glasses of Bordeaux. Scottish whiskey was regarded as a rough drink by these intellectuals.

He conversed with those who had studied the means by which an expanded Republic could be administered. This would be used by the American Founding Fathers. Franklin was awarded the Keys To The City of Edinburgh.

James Maddison

It was James Maddison of English Episcopalian descent who had taught Greek and Hebrew at Princeton College and was influenced by his Scottish Dean to study the Scottish and Greek philosophers, some of those in Greece were exiled Israelites.

They had formulated the concept of States Rights as related to a Federal Government, for example every Greek province no matter how small was given two electoral votes, this concept is used in the American Electoral College.

At meetings of the Continental Congress Maddison laid out the three branches of government to be legislative, executive, and judicial, introducing the concept of having a United States Supreme Court. Maddison became America’s 4th President in 1809.

Another Scottish-American James Monroe gave the Western World the Monroe Doctrine, taking the America’s away from European control! James Monroe became America’s 5th President in 1817.

The Idea of A Presidency

It was an Ulster born Scottish lawyer by the name of Wilson, who introduced the idea of having an American President. And it was Benjamin Franklin who was recorded as commenting ‘well, we should at least consider it.’

They had been addressing General George Washington as Your Excellency and wanted to make him their King but Washington who was unable to produce an air rejected the suggestion. And so the new nation would have a President at the suggestion of an Ulster born Scottish-American.

You may have observed how often the bagpipes are used on American ceremonial occasions. ‘Hail To The Chief’ is an old Scottish air and was played by a piper for their Scottish Clan Chiefs and played today for US President, by no small coincidence.

Princeton’s Scottish Dean

Thomas Witherspoon was brought from Scotland to become Dean of Princeton College founded by the Scottish Presbyterian Church, he would become the most prolific contender for American freedom in his writings and at the meetings of the Continental Congress.

Witherspoon’s strength was drawn from the support of the three hundred Scottish Presbyterian Church congregations scattered throughout the colonies. It was said in the British Parliament “the American colonies have ran off with a Scottish cleric” and Witherspoon was his name!

In their new land no one really understood what was to happen next, the outcome of the conflict was known only by the One who had sustained the progress toward American Independence and who was guiding the formation of this single new nation.

There was one immensely beneficial aspect to the timing of the colonial rebellion, and perhaps not just by coincidence, England was already embroiled in wars against France and Spain. This was obviously draining much of Britain’s military might away from the American conflict, perhaps this had been granted by an unseen hand.

George Washington

Although Washington said he had spent no time on his genealogy several have been written, the earliest traces his roots to the Earl’s of the Orkney Isles of Scotland as far back as 942, a later Earl married the daughter of Malcolm, King of Scotland.

The history of the Washington family in America began with the arrival of two brothers in the mid-1650s who had been supporters of King Charles 1st of England. When Oliver Cromwell took control they left the country and came to Virginia buying the farmland that would later be named Mount Vernon.

George Washington was born in Westmoreland County in Virginia in 1731. Much of Virginia had been populated by Ulster-Scots, in his early years and during his military career he was surrounded by Scotsmen. To win his needed first victory of the war he entrusted the crossing of the Delaware River to an Ulster-Scottish officer.

He said if he were to lose the war, he would return to Virginia and fight his last battle alongside his fellow Virginians. He had no intention of being taken alive.

He became the Nation’s first four year term President in 1789 taking the Oath of Office on the balcony of Federal Hall on Wall Street in New York City. There had been eight Presidents of The Congress elected before him to serve a one year term or longer.

The famous John Hancock of Ulster-Scottish descent served as the Fourth President of The Congress for two years and five months before Washington’s four year term as President of The United States of America began.

Washington hired a teacher from Scotland to come to Mount Vernon to tutor the two children from his wife’s first marriage. He also studied Scottish agricultural technics.

Unappreciated Heroes

The Protestant against Catholic Wars in Ireland were caused by deposed English Catholic Monarchs returning from France, hoping to raise a Catholic army in Ireland during the time of religious changes on the British throne. This is what caused the major Protestant-Catholic division in Ireland!

After winning Britain’s wars in Ireland the Ulster-Scots then found themselves being abused by their English landlords. Hearing of available cheap land from those who had already arrived in the American colonies, something totally unheard of in the old world, and struggling to survive starvation with failing crops, for many thousands in distress the only way out was to take to the open sea!

Little did they know thousands of their sons and grandsons were to shed their blood to buy freedom from British rule by them becoming the backbone of Washington’s Army. The victory would be given to those hardy volunteers whose fathers had already been weaned on war and hardship back in Ulster.

Emigration from Scotland had been halted by England’s King George 111 a year before the War began as he had decided that every man he allowed to leave Scotland would become another soldier for Washington’s Army, and he was right!

Those Ulster-Scots known as the Scots-Irish in the colonies were praised by Washington as his best soldiers for their bravery in the face of what seemed to be insurmountable odds. They stood before the greatest military force on earth and with their leadership spirit they played a major role in securing America’s FREEDOM from the British Empire.

The Long Kentucky Gun

If you’ve ever held a long barreled Kentucky musket rifle by your side and felt the balance and the lightness of it in one hand, you would have some idea of how easy it was to move swiftly and to aim a musket ball at a Redcoat Officer on horseback. Being struck and wounded from long range before ordering an attack and before the British muskets were in range of their targets.

The British actually complained about this unfair advantage of having their officers being targeted in this way but to no avail. The wound was not usually fatal unless it later became infected but it would be enough to spoil your day! Eventually the small bore of these squirrel guns was enlarged to become a more lethal weapon, not everyone owned one of these and they did not become standard issue.

A Scottish Conflict

And so, here we have the Scottish people who had been denied an independent free Scotland and Northern Ireland now about to fight for an independent free America alongside every other colonist who held the concept of American independence close to their hearts!

The shortage of British forces on the ground had brought an unusually ironic aspect to the Scottish-American struggle against Britain. This would be the introduction of Scottish Highlander’s to become the backbone of the British army in the colonies!

The fighting on many occasions in the War was to be the Ulster-Scots and Scottish lowlanders against the Scottish Highlanders. Scotsmen against Scotsmen as would also be the case later in the American Civil War.

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Chapter 2: Casting Off The Younger Brother

What was really happening with the American War for Independence was a war between two brothers relating all the way back to the first United Kingdom in ancient Israel.

Britain-Ephraim the younger grandson of Jacob-Israel had been promised ‘A Company or Commonwealth of Nations’ and America-Manasseh his elder grandson had been promised ‘A Nation’ as their inheritance were about to separate.

The elder brother to become known as America was about to cast off the younger brother Britain, who was already in the process of receiving his Many Nation Empire, this was the result of the promise passed down through Abraham’s sons, Isaac’s sons (Saxons) and through Jacob-Israel who had adopted Joseph’s two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh.

This is the reason AMERICA became only one single nation, and the BRITISH became an EMPIRE of many nations.

They had already been separated into the two nations of England and Scotland back in the British Isles, now the elder brother was about to inherit his share of the birthright promise first mentioned in scripture to Abraham all the way back in Genesis 35:11.


“…. A NATION AND A COMPANY OF NATIONS SHALL COME FROM YOU!” New Revised Standard Version. Genesis 35:11.

Taking The Continent

In no small way the founding and organizing of the North American Continent below the Canadian border would be given to those from the lowlands of Scotland and to the Ulster-Scots and to their descendants who would sweep across the Continent organizing the States, Cities and Towns before the millions would arrive.

Most East Coast Cities and Towns had been stocked with the leadership of Episcopalian and Scottish Presbyterian Churchgoers along with the Scottish Rite Freemasons as they founded the government and the new nations great institutions including the Ivy League Universities. George Washington himself, a proud Freemason, had his city of Washington D.C. laid out in Masonic squares and triangles.

In the city of Philadelphia only a narrow street separates the largest City Hall from the largest Masonic Temple in the nation. Designed and built by Scottish stonemasons recruited from Scotland as the plaques on a wall of Philadelphia City Hall states. Three Scottish stonemasons were responsible for laying the stones of the White House.

The Scottish Highlander’s Given Control of Canada

What was then known as British North America, later became Canada named after an Iroquoian word for community or settlement or village.

Following the War of Independence thirty-five thousand Highland Scottish American settlers who had sided with the British were obliged to leave the colonies and go to Nova Scotia.

In 1867 John McDonald, a Highland Scot, arranged the Confederation of British North America. Eight out of the ten Canadian Founding Fathers were Scottish and several Scottish-Canadians were to become Canada’s earliest Prime Ministers. Almost all of Canada’s business leaders were Scotsmen.

It was a man of Scottish descent who was given the responsibility of tying the Canadian Border Provinces together by the building of the almost three thousand miles long Canadian Pacific Railway, as promised to have British Columbia join the Confederation.

America’s Early Frontiersmen

Ulster-Scottish names such as Davy Crocket and Jim Bowie of the Alamo fame, and Kit Carson who took the city of San Francisco as California was added to the Union have gone down in history as early American pioneers along with Daniel Boone.

It was Scotsmen such as Lewis and Clark in 1803 to 1806 who were sent to explore the way West. They were told by Benjamin Franklin to be on the lookout for the lost tribes of Israel speaking Welch! Little did he or they know they were the same people. Later Coronal John C. Fremont during the 1840’s mapped the Southern Route to the West.

It was Robert Stewart who first established what became the Oregon Trail followed by Jim Meek and Bob Newell who would lead wagon trains of thousands into the vast Oregon Territory now Idaho, Washington, and Oregon States, and then along the trail to California.

Gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill and along with the flow of settlers came a stream of prospectors helping to speed the growth in populating California and the Pacific NorthWest. Alaska was purchased from Russia and the same cry of gold drew an American population there as well as to the Black Hills of Dakotah with “there’s GOLD in them thar hills” is the way the Scots would have said it back then.

Pendleton and Irvine are two of the still remaining Scottish named Southern California Ranches.

The Coming of The Irish

In the mid 1800s the true Irish descendants of Dan, one of the sons of Jacob-Israel began arriving in America, just less than a hundred years after the American War of Independence had been won.

These were the Catholic Irish arriving in New York and Boston, having been driven out of Ireland by two potato famines just as crop failure had helped drive out the Ulster-Scottish Protestants leaving many decades earlier.

They were meant to come in this order so control of the American and Canadian people would be denied the Vatican. At the time of the Revolution there were no more than two or three Roman Catholic Priests in all of the colonies!

But Vatican control would befall the nations of Central and South America with the power of the Vatican allotting control of this to Catholic nations in Europe.

The 1897 a predominantly Protestant, and Catholic uprising in Ulster known as the United Irishmen fought against British rule in the North of Ireland, winning the battle of Saintfield but losing the battle of Ballynahinch. This caused a second period of migration by the Ulster-Scots swelling their numbers in America to around Five Hundred Thousand!

It would not be until the late twentieth century with the illegal invasion of millions of Mexican and Central American Catholic migrants being organized to go north by the Catholic diocese in those Catholic nations.

America and Britain Protestant Nations

The influence of the Roman Catholic Church in Britain had been limited by British King’s and Queen’s who finally remained Protestant, assuring that the Roman Catholic Church would have only a small minority representation in the British Isles.

In the United Kingdom the order was, first the Anglican Church, then the Presbyterian Church as well as other Protestant minority churches.

And in the seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries the same order would exist in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and the rest of the British Empire along with the influence of Scottish Rite Freemasonry spread through these nations with the influence of the Catholic Church greatly diminished.

It is the aim of the Vatican through influence over the European Union to take these nations back by force if their growing influence in the government of the United States and in their Control of the United States Supreme Court does not make the United States of America a Vatican controlled Catholic country!

The Great Scottish-American Conservationists

President Teddy Roosevelt had become known as a great hunter and taxidermist but when he met Scottish born John Muir he was persuaded to give up hunting for large game. He and Roosevelt became lifelong friends.

But when he called upon the president to save the flooding of his favorite canyon by the city of San Francisco his friend let him down. It was said that he died of a broken heart over the loss! Those who had met him said that Muir’s Scottish accent was so thick that most could barely understand what he was saying!

However President Roosevelt did preserve another famous canyon. The Grand Canyon!

Other great Scottish-American conservationists such as Jackson who has the city of Jackson Hole named after him had Grand Teton National Park preserved. Bryce Canyon National Park was preserved.

The single efforts of men like these had millions of acres of what are now America’s National Parks preserved for the American people’s enjoyment rather than having them destroyed by mining companies and developers!

America the Beautiful by Katharine Lee Bates

O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain, For purple mountain majesties, Above the fruited plain.

America! America! God shed His grace on thee, And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea!

O beautiful for pilgrim feet, Whose stern impassion’d stress, A thoroughfare for freedom beat, Across the wilderness.

America! America! God mend thine every flaw, Confirm thy soul in self-control, Thy liberty in law.

O beautiful for heroes prov’d, In liberating strife, Who more than self their country lov’d, And mercy more than life.

America! America! May God thy gold refine, Till all success be nobleness, And ev’ry gain divine.

O beautiful for patriot dream, That sees beyond the years, Thine alabaster cities gleam, Undimmed by human tears.

America! America! God shed His grace on thee, And crown thy good with brotherhood, From sea to shining sea.

Tremendous words so true. Don’t betray or tear them down!

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Chapter 3: The North And The South-Manasseh’s Gap

America had experienced unprecedented growth with the massive Louisiana Purchase from the French and Florida from the Spanish and the taking of Texas from Mexico. After this astonishing period of growth in landmass and prosperity with additional States added to the union a breach occurred between the Northern and the Southern States!

We shall call this Manasseh’s Gap!

A civil war raged in the attempt to divide the nation. There was a biblical separation into two homelands for the family of Manasseh of ancient Israel. See a bible map of where the twelve families of Israel had been settled ‘in the promised land’.

Manasseh the elder of Joseph’s two sons had been allowed to occupy two separate areas of the promised land having one of the largest numbers of descendants. They were prodigious builders and farmers just as the American’s are today!

Jacob had adopted Manasseh and his younger brother Ephraim and had passed on the birthright promise of incredible wealth and power to these two boys. Britain and America began to enjoy that promised wealth and power throughout the eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth, and now although deep in debt, in the twenty-first century!

Here were the same people of Manasseh in their new land at odds over whether two parts of that same elder brother of the family of Joseph would be allowed to exist in the same configuration as they did long ago back in ancient Israel. Would there be a North and a South split into two separate nations? The scripture says only one Nation. See Genesis 35:11.

Because the Southern States were so heavily populated by Ulster-Scots and because in the case of North and South Carolina taking opposite sides in the ensuing war Scotsmen would fight against Scotsmen, both led by leaders with now famous Scottish names like Grant and Stonewall Jackson.

The Reason For The War

p>The civil war would tear at the very heart of the young nation leaving more than six hundred thousand dead! The reason for the war was later explained by President Abraham Lincoln also of English and also Ulster-Scottish descent, with McLaughlin’s and McKinley’s in the family.

President Lincoln gave this single reason, it was that “THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAD FORGOTTEN GOD”!

They had allowed human greed to take control of the nation! They had turned their backs on God and on the laws of God which would insure even greater prosperity and national greatness in the future, and therefore had to be returned to the same reliance practiced during the struggle with the British when the colonists relied on God for their survival and their victory!

It will pay our nation today to remember Lincoln’s explanation, that with all that had been accomplished in the nation’s first growing period of abundant prosperity “THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAD FORGOTTEN GOD” and therefore had to be humbled so that a much larger growing period could commence, and it did.

Let Freedom Ring

The nation was preserved fulfill liberty

To thee we sing, Long may our land be bright With freedom’s holy light, Protect us by thy might Great God, our King

Let freedom ring, Great God, our King From sea to shining sea, Let freedom ring

Let freedom ring, Great God, our King, From sea to shining sea, Let freedom ring

Oh Great God our King, Let freedom ring.

The other brother Ephraim-The British would receive The Company or Commonwealth of Nations promised in Genesis 35:11, the United Kingdoms of England and Scotland, also Wales and control of Ireland, and later Canada, Australia, and New Zealand as well as the nations of the entire British Empire.


Was Jerusalem planted in England’s Green and Pleasant Land?

And did those feet in ancient time, Walk upon England’s mountains green? And was the holy Lamb of God, On England’s pleasant pastures seen?

And did the Countenance Divine, Shine forth upon our clouded hills? And was Jerusalem builded here, Among these dark Satanic mills?

Bring me my bow of burning gold: Bring me my arrows of desire: Bring me my spear: O clouds unfold! Bring me my chariot of fire.

I will not cease from mental fight, Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand Till we have built Jerusalem In England’s green and pleasant land.

Jerusalem is one of the most famous songs ever written. The hymn takes its words from a poem by William Blake and is often put forward as an alternative English national anthem.

There is also a reference in the song protesting the conditions in the factories of the day.

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Chapter 4: The Waring Scottish-American Generals

In the war for Texas it was leaders with similar Scottish names who were prevalent. Those who led at the Alamo, Davy Crocket, Jim Bowie and others, were later avenged by General Sam Huston of Scottish descent.

Andrew Jackson who later became an American president was sent to lead a force into Florida which hurried the Spanish sale of that beautiful land to become a part of the United States. Jackson had enrolled in the Continental Army at only twelve years of age! His sixteen year old brother had already given his life for the cause of liberty. We remember Jackson’s victory at the Battle of New Orleans.

It is believed that half of those at Valley Forge were Ulster-Scots. Not only in the War of Independence and in the Civil War did Scottish and Ulster-Scottish Generals and fighting men distinguish themselves.

Also In The Two World Wars

At the battle of the Somme Offensive fought against the German Empire during World War 1, led by a Commander born in Edinburgh Scotland thousands of Scottish soldiers always on the front lines, gave their lives to defend freedom. Three million men took part in this very long battle on the Western Front with one million either dead or wounded!

In World War Two American General George Patton and Britain’s General Montgomery leader of the British Armed Forces were both of Ulster-Scottish descent. General Eisenhower Commander of all allied Armed Forces during World War Two was of Dutch descent, he had a Scottish mother as did several US presidents including President Donald Trump.

During the two World Wars the German army lay in their trenches listening the bagpipes playing throughout the night along the British lines, knowing they would be facing these vicious fighting men wearing the kilt, who they referred to as The Ladies From Hell!

General MacArther

The family of General MacArther who led the war in the Pacific came from Glasgow, Scotland. His father held high rank and according to the story told by one of the father’s aids, he had said “I thought his father was the vainest individual I would ever meet until I met the son!” This was the way these men were, never to lose face and never to lose a battle or go home in disgrace!

After insisting on Japan’s unconditional surrender, a tremendous loss of face for the Japanese, he stayed on in Japan to oversee the rebuilding of the political and economic systems.

General MacArther used these now famous words as he retired from military service “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away” and he did just fade away, never running for the presidency as some supposed he would, therefore leaving his legacy intact! Other Generals should do the same today.

Another of General MacArthur’s famous statements referring to Armageddon will be discussed in Chapter 7, with good news for the nation and the world of NO total destruction of all human life on earth!

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Chapter 5: Famous Scottish-American Industrialists

For centuries the Scots in Ulster and in Scotland had lived under English rule as they do today being controlled from Westminster. The British Isles had been given to the British! That is where their seat of government has existed for almost a thousand years, and for their national security Ireland known as England’s first colony and England’s back door in time of war could not be totally let go.

But now that the Scots had been granted a great deal of control of the new nation it was as though the gates of heaven had been opened unto them! It was not until the American economy had almost fully developed that Gross National Product had to be counted in Trillions of Dollars!

Andrew Carnegie

The Scottish born Andrew Carnage started out in America with nothing, he first acquired wealth when he was entrusted to run a railroad company after impressing the owner. As Carnage surveyed the landscape of developing American industry he foresaw the limitless demand for a developing steel industry.

He had heard of a new process for steel production being developed in England, he went there and brought the process to America. Carnage Steel production grew to equal half of the national output of Great Britain!

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell, another Scott, had beaten others by just over one hour to the registration of an American patient for the telephone!

He spent years fighting the six hundred lawsuits contesting this as many others had been achieving similar results. Eventually, he won against all challenges. Bell Telephone used the existing telegram lines already constructed and extended these with thousands of miles of communication thorough the nation and around the world.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison another Scott set up a factory size workshop and began developing patents by the hundreds out of projects that were already underway. His light bulb and his lighting up the World’s Fare established his brilliance.

Yet it was not Edison who could claim the fame for lighting America’s cities! His means of conveying electricity failed over a long distance. That prize went to Tesla who designed the capability to carry electricity for miles but in order to see his project succeed he forfeited his profits and died a poor man. Today’s most popular electric car carries his name, Tesla.


A young Scott in Scotland named Macadam, perfected road construction. And with the addition of a layer of tar and gravel Britain and America and the rest of the world would enjoy Tarmac.

Another Scot back in Scotland developed the use of steam to drive heavy industrial machinery this helped Macadam with the steamroller and the steam train quickly followed!

Uncle Sam, Mark Twain, Roy Rogers And Others

You probably know of the tall Uncle Sam figure dressed in red, white, and blue. Uncle Sam was brought from Ulster and received the honor of wearing our colors. John Bull with the British Union Jack waistcoat across his chest and well rounded stomach was the British equivalent.

Mark Twain

The writer Sam Clement sailed aboard the river boats on the Mississippi River, he would hear the depths being called to the Captain, one of these calls was “Mark Twain” and with the use of this as a pseudonym he became the best known American writer of his day. He too was of Ulster-Sottish descent.

Robert Luie Stevenson

And don’t lets forget the great Scottish writer Robert Luis Stevenson, writer of Treasure Island, Kidnapped, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde borne in Edinburgh.

Roy Rogers

Some may remember the singer-actor Roy Rogers ‘King of The Cowboy’ and his famous horse Trigger. Roy was of Scots-Irish descent, can’t find Triggers ethnicity!

Sean Connery

It was a very well known Scottish actor in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries who would become the most famous Scottish patriot of his day. This was Sean Connery who would receive the keys to his hometown of Edinburgh more than two hundred years after the honor had been bestowed upon Benjamin Franklin. Well done Mr. Bond!

Robbie Burns

Lets not forget the Bard himself Scotland’s poet Robert Burns. You may be singing his most lasting popular work at the New Year celebration ‘Auld Lang Syne’. It goes “may auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And ald lang syne….!” It is in remembrance of the generation’s who are gone before us.

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Chapter 6: The Last Minute Warning

This America’s Future shows the nations true identity, and as President Lincoln explained after the Civil War ‘AS A NATION THEY HAD FORGOTTEN G O D!’

I need to explain to you that the growing national problems we are facing at the present time will worsen, because on a national level our misbehavior has gone far beyond that of the time of the Civil War generation in the 1860s.

And an even greater punishment than the loss of the 618,000 plus American lives that were lost in the Civil War, or the 116,516 Americans who gave their lives in World War 1. And even worse than the American loss of life in World War Two!

Much worse is about to befall the nation with a nation wide drought taking the lives of one third of the population with extreme water shortages causing disease!

And even worse is about to befall the nation with our cities being destroyed in a Nuclear Attack and a national captivity soon to befall the American and British people!!!


A More Educated Generation

Partly because we reject the idea of the typical picture of Jesus Christ and as we should, that image portrays a false image of God. You do not know these two incredible beings as we will know them in the future.

Our ancestors did recognize God’s existence and that they had been given laws to live by which insured their peaceful existence in the land we love, and that the wealth and power of the nation would be sustained by obeying the Commandments.


To Our Government And Supreme Court

This is a strong warning of where the nation is headed in these days of self doubt and sometimes despair on the part of those fearing for the future of America, wondering just where do we go from here.

This is written in love to the American people, and to the U.S. Government officials and to the Chief Justice and Justices of the United States Supreme Court who have so badly let the nation down by allowing our laws to be changed, leading the nation away from obeying the laws of God and into the gutter!

Our government has allowed the Supreme Court to make laws, and to throw away out laws once based on Judeo-Christian ethics which assured our nation’s prosperity and wellbeing and now we are in deep trouble. Not only with a mild epidemic raging but with a promise from God, that as we have abandoned his laws and live a reprobate existence as a nation, then as His chosen people He will bring much worse than a virus upon us.

To Americas Educators

This is also written to America’s Educators who have led the way in altering the beliefs of the generations entrusted to you to give true education instead of our children being educated away from a belief in God.

To Our Churches

And to our Religious Leaders who perhaps with all of the best intentions have not known God because you have taken your religious celebrations from the Roman Calendar and your teachings for the main part from Roman Catholic teaching. And not from God’s Church calendar given to preserve the celebrations of God which He refers to in this way “THESE ARE MY FEASTS to be kept forever in ALL of your generations.” See: Leviticus 24:2-3.

And you have accepted Sunday worship deceiving the people that the Bible teaches that they are to worship on the Day Of The Sun introduced by a Roman Emperor and NOT by Jesus Christ.

Your churches should be worshiping God on God’s true Sabbath Day, the day that Christ and the Apostle’s kept holy mentioned almost fifty times throughout the New Testament.

As an individual begin keeping God’s Sabbath day, Saturday on the American calendar as a sign between yourself and God and begin living by His Commandments so that you can be protected from that which is about to befall the nation.

The same warning goes to Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and to the people of Western and North-Western Euro and Ireland. As well as to any and all world powers attempting to harm or influencing this great nations.

The Germans Our Disciplinarians!

Are most American and British people aware of what space-based weaponry is? The ability to carry nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction into space, then to achieve re-entry of multiple warheads from orbit less than 200 miles above U.S. and British major population centers without warning and with no place to hide.

This requires little nuclear buildup, no long drawn out period of silo building, testing generations of rockets and devices, only the ability and the will to carry this out, in the not too distant future.

Years ago Germany developed the Arian rocket launching several tons of payload into orbit from their base in South America and has created the European Space Project presently building LONG RANGE ROCKETS and Germany has said that they will pay for NUCLEAR WEAPONS as part of the new European Armed Forces!

The Japanese H2A rocket is presently launching a 7-ton payload into orbit, both our World War Two enemies will have achieved the ability to place weapons in space with U.S. forces still remaining in Germany and Japan!

The European Union has signed a preferential trade agreement with Japan and Japan has enough uranium stockpiled to build 200 nuclear weapons in a 3 year period if a government decides is made to do so.

In addition Japan, Europe, India, and China are all now building rockets to reach the moon – or the U.S. within the next ten years!

The Chinese rise to industrial and military might has raised Japanese concerns. Any withdrawal of U.S. naval and military power from the Pacific or the South China Sea may cause Japan to begin a nuclear buildup in fear of Chinese military domination.

Since the U.S. has revealed its X37B unmanned spacecraft with capacity to stay in orbit for more than 200 days carrying an ‘unspecified payload’ all other serious contenders including Europe, China, and Russia must meet this challenge by placing weaponry in space. And in 2020 China is now flying its own similar spacecraft!

Many prophecies show that before a peaceful world is established by God’s intervention, the U.S. and British populations will have suffered massive drought and a first -strike nuclear attack by a ten-nation military force led by Germany!

South American nations with leadership influenced by the Vatican will no doubt be ordered to send perhaps millions of military conscripts across the U.S. southern border and all the way north into Canada to occupy our towns and cities. Britain will simultaneously suffer a European invasion. This shockingly will be the conditions existing in the lands we love upon Christ’s return.

Before the soon coming final attempt to blast all life off-planet earth I suggest that the highest courts in every nation along with the nations governing bodies go back and read Gods laws, take them to heart and replace the laws which our Supreme Courts have approved now breaking Gods law and offending God! Hurry to replace these laws and get back in line with God!

Our nation’s destruction has already been planned and a loving God has already decided to allow this to happen humbling America in the same way He allowed the American Civil War killing more than six hundred and fifty thousand Americans to do the same. This will be allowed to happen again even as God allowed the two World Wars!

This will be done with much more ferocity than in all others wars allowing Germany to use Nuclear Weapons causing the total destruction of our major cities. The descendants of ancient Assyria, the nation which God appointed way back in history as ancient Israel’s disciplinarians will do this to America in the very near future! They are already forming a European Nuclear Armed War Machine!

‘O Assyria, the rod of my anger’ ISA 10:5,6.

Part of the Assyria Empire became known as Germany meaning MEN OF WAR! So called by Julius Caesar because they had wiped out two Roman Legions in the forests of what became Germany. They call themselves The Deutsch in a worship of their ancestor Assure who they turned into a god, as half of the descendants of the family of Dan another of the family of Jacob-Israel did when they founded Dan’s mark, Denmark.

As we are nearing the setting up of the one thousand year world ruling government of God on earth by Jesus Christ in person, this is soon to be allowed to happen to the United States for our national humbling. We are to become a Holy Priesthood People!

Our bad behavior since the Sixties rebellion against God has been offended Jesus Christ and God the Father so badly for so long to the point where correction must be brought to bare on his chosen people! We will then be used as a Holy Nation joined with those who remain of the twelve descendant nations of Israel. Britain, Western and North-Western Europe and Judah.

The clock has ran out on the six thousand year rule which God gave humanity to realize that they could not survive on the earth without voluntarily adopting the laws of God laid down in the Bible, His instruction book to us.

There is no way out of this correction now, because the nation as a whole cannot see the error of its ways, or even recognize that any real wrongs are being committed that would warrant Gods approval of such a national punishment!

There is NO fear of correction from God, half of the nation doubts that God ever existed as they have been educated away believing God’s existence to be only superstition. It is already way too late now for America!

The end of the age which we are living in today coincides with God’s Seven Thousand Year Plan as the six thousand year draw to a close.

NO there will not be Armageddon as General MacArther suspected there would be in his speech as he accepted the Japanese surrender after World War Two but the world will come bloody close as the Brits would say! THIS WORLD NEVER ENDS.

Except for the intervention of a very real God who you do not yet know, this world is FINISHED! But the project which these two Great Beings began on the earth in order to reproduce themselves by the billions will succeed! And all of us will one day become members of that great family. Believe it or believe it not you will be there.

Do not play a part in tearing this nation downs as some now are doing. Because a similar judgment will also come upon you as a very real God begins to humble the nations He loves above all others. And you are about to receive your humbling along with them.

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Chapter 7: Good News For An Incredible Future

Soon life on earth will be much different, after the coming destruction and rebuilding of all nations there will be no terror, starvation, wars, poverty, crime, sickness, child abuse, and all the rest. Under the soon-coming World Ruling Government by God in person, everyone will be encouraged to develop to their own pinnacle of personal achievement and true success.

Justice, the meaning of the name Jesus, adopted by God to carry out the work of bringing true justice for all, and Savior, the meaning of the name Christ, adopted by God to carry out the work of SAVING the world. He will rule the nations from Jerusalem, the City of Peace.

In this world of increasing panic you can have peace of mind and have confidence in the future, understanding that a loving God WILL soon intervene to bring World Peace and will save a remnant of our nations, even at a time when it will appear the American and British peoples may cease to exist.

God’s seven thousand year plan to develop a family of Billions here on earth is about to enter a new phase depicted by the last day of our seven day week.

God reserves the seventh day of the week which is Saturday in the American and the European calendars although they have now moved Sunday to the seventh day! The Saturday Sabbath is the day on which He rests from His labor of continuing to extend the universe.

Everyone will live again in an initial one thousand year period allowing everyone who ever lived to qualify to enter the family of God which will populate the entire earth. This has been God’s plan from the beginning of the world!

God is reproducing Himself in us! What a wonderful plan and YOU will be there as a permanent member of the God family to live forever!

Begin to obey God including the keeping of His Sabbath Day, Saturday, by observing that day as Holy time, it will become a sign between yourself and God, and by striving to obey God’s Ten Commandments you may be considered worthy to escape what will occur in the very near future to this nation.

May a loving God preserve you and your family as you begin to obey this very real family of beings which you will eventually be joining!

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