We see yet another would be Head of the Philadelphia Era, who split from the Global Church of God, with a video on the net of HIS Newly Built Headquarters on one hundred acres.

This is a HUGE COMMITMENT of GODS’ TITHE to this project for years into the future, when he should be using EVERY PENNY of Gods’ Tithe to W A R N the American and British descendant peoples of their nations soon-coming destruction!

I was told that this M A N asked the membership to use their property to raise funds for the project telling the wives "remember half of that home belongs to you" as he ‘hit them up for money’! If that is true then this m a n does not have ‘one converted cell in his brain’!

Most of these larger Splinter Groups spend ALMOST ALL of Gods’ Tithe in a SELF AGRANDISMENT of NEW HEADQUARTERS BUILDINGS and spend only TEN PERCENT of TITHES paid to them to do a WARNING WORK!!!


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