BY FORMAL REQUEST TO: The Following Churches of God To DISPLAY ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORTS as required in order to maintain Tax-Free status.

To ‘The United Church of God’ to ‘The Restored Church of God’ to ‘The Church of God A Worldwide Fellowship’ to ‘The Global Church of God’ to ‘The Church of God International’ to the Corporation known as ‘The Philadelphia Church of God’ to ‘The Continuing Church of God’ to ‘The Church of The Great God.’ Directions to ‘The Living Church of God’ Annual Financial Report on this page.

Install your Annual Financial Reports on each of your Websites in a prominent position. Not only in the form of a Pie Chart but with accountants figures in the detailed Annual Financial Report.

Show total Income from Tithes, Offerings, and Contributions.

Show all assets & liabilities, including amounts owing on Church Headquarters, Media Centers, Offices, and other facilities

List homes owned by the church occupied by church Leadership, loans approved to build homes to be occupied by Church leadership.

Show Salaries of Leadership, Ministry, Staff and their wives, as well as Pensions, Bonuses, and Credit Card spending by each at church expense.

Show total amount paid to Radio and Television Stations to be shown separately from the amount allocated to the Media Department.

Show amount paid for Publishing to be shown separately from the amount allocated to the Editorial Department.

Show detailed costs of Ministerial Conferences, including Flights, Hotel costs including Meals, Buffets, and the Banquet, Car Rentals for the Conference, Credit Card spending during the Conference.

Show Leadership, Ministry and Staff costs as paid again during the Feast of Tabernacles.

Show paid Leadership, Ministry and Staff vacation costs.

Show spending for the category known as ‘Feeding The Flock.’

Show spending for the category known as ‘Preaching The Gospel.’

Show cost of Fleet Car Rental for Leadership, Ministry and, Headquarters Staff.

Show all pertinent financial details as shown in each Annual Financial Statement for inspection by Church Member and the general public as Tax Exempt status requires.


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