My first recollection of seeing an Aussie sheep-dog so popular in the U.S. today was back in 1958 in Geelong, Victoria. I noticed a sheep farmer’s old ‘ute’ (utility vehicle or truck) coming down the main street and tucked in-between the old fashioned wing and the bonnet (hood) was a spotted sheep-dog enjoying the view […]

The Tasmania, AUSTRALIA Fire!


Jan 5. 2013 My sister in Tasmania, Australia sent this in E-mails. The area that has been devastated is called the Tasman Peninsula – it is my 2nd home & about 90 mins drive from here! Many friends live down there & are stranded, not knowing if their houses have survived or not but we […]

NOT BLOWN AWAY: By Rocketman…

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I entered the theatre a few moments late but just in time to see a figure dressed in an exotic red Devil suit with long winding tail bowling down a long hallway escaping a large waiting audience, bursting out into the street and hurling himself into a Taxi Cab on the way to his first […]

Tattoos Are Taboo… But Why?

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It is reported that HALF of the present Millennial generation have been tattooed! So why not get at least one? Where did the idea that tattooing and piercing was wrong come from anyway? Middle aged women will remember in their mother’s generation that even ear piercing was frowned upon. The only tattoo anyone would see […]


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Were modern ‘Christian practices’ and beliefs taught by Jesus Christ? Was December 25th the date of His birth, and how did He command us to remember Him? What do symbols of fertility rights have to do with remembering Christ’s death and resurrection? Which annual celebrations were our ancestors commanded to keep ‘In ALL our Generations’? […]



Serious Fires And Flooding in N S W. Now Massive Drought in Queensland. Powerful fires raged in New South Wales beyond any human means of control during 2013. This has become an all to common experience for those living in endangered areas. It is difficult to grasp the force an exploding eucalyptus forest stretching over […]

Google: ‘The Origin Of Christmas’!

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Were modern ‘christian practices’ and beliefs taught by Jesus Christ? Was December 25th the date of His birth, how did He command us to remember Him? On page one of Goggle listings on ‘Origin of Christmas’ we find the Dec. 25th celebration was taken from the ‘High Day’ of the Saturnalia Festival. The 7 days […]



TIME Magazine is reporting: All Major Australian Cities Threatened! One thousand homes have been lost in the State of New South Wales alone! By January 20′ populated areas are cut off and the number of deaths continues to rise! It is only the beginning of the summer fire season in Australia but because of severe […]



CONDITIONS CONTINUE TO WORSEN!!! With fires now threatening the outskirts of Sidney! PLEASE ask God to protect our beloved Australians from the now one hundred ruinous bush fires now raging in New South Wales with threat to Sidney, air quality in Sidney and in Brisbane 450 miles away worse than Beijing, China! Fires are also […]


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