Does it seem strange that most of the New Testament, following the Book of Acts, was written by Paul, and not by Peter? Did you ever wonder why, after Peter initiated the preaching of the gospel to the Gentiles at the house of Cornelius, Acts 10 and 11, he and others of the twelve Apostles […]



As with the attempted Muslim invasion of Europe, with millions from the Middle-East trampling down Europe’s borders, we witness a similar Catholic invasion of Protestant America and Britain. In the case of Great Britain thirty thousand migrants were admitted each year before the Eastern European nation’s joined the European Union, now the scale of the […]

VATICAN-EU-IRELAND: Seek Northern Ireland Separation in Brexit!


Notwithstanding the previous British Prime Ministers attempted betrayal of Northern Ireland in her December Twenty Seventeen Brexit negotiations with EU officials, in which she agreed to sign away Northern Ireland’s right to leave all aspects of European domination. In compliance with the majority vote of the rest of the British people, a last minute stand […]

DESCENDANTS: Of Dan in Ireland


The Irish are a proud and cultured people with perhaps the oldest history in Western Europe. It is recorded that the tribe of Dan led three tribes of Israel out of Egypt, and later occupied two homelands in Israel, originally living on the coast (See any bible map). It is recorded ‘Dan lived in ships’, […]

AMERICAN-Northern Ireland Roots

Ireland,United States.

Most Americans are still a little afraid to visit Northern Ireland because of the violence which they watched on their newscasts over 30 years, when in fact in the worst of times all statistics were favorable compared to any American city of 1.5 million people, which is the population of Northern Ireland. The total population […]

The LIE Of The Severed Red Hand of ULSTER


If living in Ireland you may know this FABLE told to both Catholics and Protestants alike, it is the story of ‘The severed Red Hand of Ulster’ a lie told in order to hide the fact that the Irish people are direct descendants of ancient ISRAEL and the Royal Family of King David. It is […]



THE IRISH PEOPLE are the descendants of DAN, one of Jacobs twelve sons exiled from the ancient ‘promised land’ the nation of ISRAEL, to Ireland. A must read in the true story of Dan’s people arriving in Ireland and the Royal Family being transferred ‘From Jerusalem To London’ VIA IRELAND and Scotland. And also for […]



Maewin Succit … Assumed the name Patric meaning FATHER: Scripture tells us that we are not to use the name Father as a ministerial title as it is the name of GOD THE FATHER!!! Ireland, never conquered by the Roman Empire surrendered their freedom to the Great False Church at Rome weakening the Irish people. […]


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