Most Americans and the rest of the world love to visit Canada. The Peace Arch which stands at the U.S. – British Columbia, Canada, border states ‘Children of a Common Mother.’ The border is regarded as the friendliest in the world, an excellent example to all nations!

The city of Vancouver and Vancouver Island on the West Coast are beautiful. The ferry ride from Tassawassan to Sidney on Vancouver Island is the most enjoyable voyage through the Gulf Islands, part of the Trans-Canada Highway.

Apart from the many attractions in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island, you may wish to enjoy afternoon tea at the Empress Hotel in the city of Victoria’s beautiful inner harbor, quite expensive with a dress code.

The Empress Hotel and the adjacent British Columbia Parliament Building makes the inner harbor even more impressive, a must see on your British Columbia visit!

We lived on Vancouver island, where I built homes on the Saanich Peninsula, with its beautiful scenic drive a short distance from Victoria. Begin the ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy,’ Outreach Program in Canada, please see the Outreach Page for details. Begin printing ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’ summary and the Card Program to display in your local community.

See ‘THE WAR OF 1812 BICENTENNIAL: Re-enacted In Ontario’ on this page of Librarian’s Comments.

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