Apparently, President Xi Jinping did not receive my advice on how not to treat a US President with a Scottish mother.

Phase One of United States-China trade talks has been agreed on after much Chinese resistance!

Trade between China and the US continues to be way out of balance, President Trump had reluctantly ordered more tariffs on another $200 Billion Dollar’s worth of the now $560 Billion’s worth of Chinese goods continuing to pore into the US each year.

Tariffs still remain and have been effective in slowing the Chinese economy and causing some with plants in China to move their operations to TAIWAN.

The Stage 1 Agreement does not go far enough to bring fair trade between the US and China. The Chinese government has allowed only one Billion Dollars worth of US products to enter China mainly farm products, and although they have now promised to lift restrictions on more US imports and have agreed to purchase more soya beans especially, the HUGE imbalance still remains.

American cigarettes were forced on China many years ago!


In actual fact only 3% of American household spending goes to the purchase of Chinese goods! While 2/3ds. of American family spending goes to the purchase of goods ‘Made In America!’

Apart from the Western states 2/3ds. of automobile purchase are American made vehicles! When compared to products ‘Made in China’ these price tags are huge! Overall, Chinese sales in the US makes up only 10% of the American market sales!

And so China still has a very long way to go before its products could ever dominate the American economy to the point where the President would be forced to yield to Chinese domination because of American reliance on Chinese goods.

Where the US is more vulnerable is the need to have China return profits made on sales to the US by the purchase of Bonds and Treasury Notes to sustain the monumental US $23 TRILLION DEBT!!!

My Free Advice

China canceled the purchase of soya beans coming from the Presidents supporting States, hoping that the farmers would pressure him into submission to China but he countered this by providing subsidies to the farmers.

As I advised the Chinese President back then, “definitely NOT NICE Mr. Jinping!” Never treat anyone with Scottish blood that way, it only makes them much more determined to win! I told you that back then and my advice is always FREE remember? But now your people are threatening again rather than just planing fair trade!

Anyone can figure who will win here if the President doesn’t blink and he won’t! I can assure you of that, because I too had a Scottish mother, a McKenzie from the largest Scottish clan.

Those on Harris Island (my name) wore the McCloud tartan and fought for the McCloud’s, our President’s mother was born on the neighboring island of Lewis and was a McCloud.

I’m sure she taught the President “no smoking, no drinking, and no gambling” as my mother taught me, which would have saved him a billion dollars by the way. And of course ‘The Art Of The Deal’ without having read the book, is to deal from a point of strength when possible and always be prepared to walk away from a bad deal with your assets intact.

So Mr. Jinping, order your people to make a FAIR deal for the first time in a long time in future talks in your nations dealings with America.

Yes, you see us as a declining World Power with the 23 Trillion Dollar National debt and you have ‘walked all over us in the past’ but YOU should know as our President knows, the US is still the greatest consumer market in the world and you still need the US!

The prosperity our President has created while in office is making it harder for him to reduce the Chinese economy as American consumers are purchasing even more Chinese goods than ever!

It is past time now for the now $560 Billion’s worth to the $1 Billion US trade with you to be equaled up in order to pay down the American monumental National DEBT!

America has a $150 Billion trade imbalance with the EU and a $150 trade imbalance with Japan every year. Mexico and other nations combine to drain American assets. In order to achieve this I would ask the America people to PLEASE BUY AMERICAN until our national debt is reduced.

Spend Less On Military

There is no further need for China to pore its wealth into military build up, begin spending this wealth to provide a staple diet and better housing for every Chinese citizen Mr. President. Your One Billion plus population will love you for it!

Make a FAIR trade agreement with us and our President will see to it that your nation will continue to prosper. With an income of only two thousand a year per average Chinese family, you need this more than we do!

You can always break the deal with the next US President! Is that not so, as the strong do continue to dominate the weak in this declining world economy. So, your time to dominate may come again President Xi Jinping, but just not now!

What Is Coming for China

But a much better world economy is coming, following the worst World Troubles of all times when goods stop crossing borders and World War RAGES!!!

Soon now, and possibly, as you are appointed China’s President for life, you will find it necessary to cooperate with Russia in ordering a preventive Nuclear strike on Europe, after they have struck the US and Britain with nuclear attacks as a coming GERMAN-EU DICTATOR President turns to WAR against the US and Britain for a third and last time in history!

Russia will realize that this is a repeat of WW2 and fearing they are next to receive Nuclear attacks on Russian Cities from Europe you will be forced to help Russia destroy the might and power of GERMANY and its allies!

Your nation will assemble a GIANT LAND FORCE and head it toward the European occupied Middle-East, and we will be to the point, when the Greatest Power in this universe will be forced to intervene, melting the flesh off the bones of every military on earth in order to save this world alive, which GOD can and will do in order to preserve human life!


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