More U.S. provocation during the July 2018 NATO summit has once again caused the German Chancellor to issue a repeat of her former statement “We Can No Longer Rely On The U.S. To Protect Europe.”

She seems to disregard the fact that President Trump’s open public statements asking the member nations to pay up their 2% of GDP contributions have caused tens of billions to flood into the NATO organizations bank account with billions more on the way.

So why then does Merkel take this position? It is clear that she and the leadership of the European Union have something else in mind, and that is obviously very true!

It is now time for GERMANY to form the twenty-three volunteering EU Nations armed forces into a ONE GERMAN-EU ARMED FORCES, complete with NUCLEAR WEAPONS!

Germany’s former hand picked European Commission President Jean-Claud Junker told the EU Nations that “a ONE PERCENT OF G.D.P. contribution would be sufficient to pay for the new EUROPEAN ARMED FORCES” undercutting NATO’s 2% and the 4% contribution now suggested by President Trump.

As the animosity grows we will see the most modern GERMAN-EU Armed Forces spring into existence CONTROLLED BY THE GERMAN ARMY! UNDER GERMAN COMMAND! COMPLETE WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS! POINTED IN OUR DIRECTION!

I wrote about this before President Trump’s election, as well as before, during and after the BREXIT referendum, see the article as follows…


The German Chancellor: “Germany can no longer totally rely on America and Britain for protection…” and stated following Britains announcement on Brexit, “We are now the leader of the free world, and we German’s will lead Europe to do great things.”

Since these statements were made by the person the Germans call ‘mother’, Angela Merkel has had her hand-picked President of the EU Commission, the strongest of the three EU Presidencies, Jean-Claud Junker announced the integration of the United European Armed Forces by 2025! Since then Junker has been replaced as President by a new German EU Commission President.

Twenty-three E.U. nations have signed to contribute to the building of this massive military force and Germany is now in the process of integrating units of former East Block forces into the German army.

As reported in the Westmonster article found on Page One of Librarian’s Comments, Germany is prepared to pay for a European NUCLEAR ARSENAL and long-range rockets are under construction in the guise of the European Space Project!

Asleep To German Intentions!

Our nations are asleep to the true intentions of those who control Germany and many of the seven hundred and fifty member government of the new single nation EUROPE of today!

Now, during the Brexit crisis, German intentions for this coming reality have been exposed! Germany and the European Union are now assembling a joint European Armed Forces and Germany intends to have NUCLEAR WEAPONS with long-range delivery systems and will destroy American Cities and American industry!!!

If you have studied World War Two you will realize that Germany was defeated mainly because of the fact that American industry was out of reach of German bomber fleets! American industrial production could outproduce German industry, this gave our nations “the tools to finish the job” to defeat the German war machine.

Germany has learned that to win next time American Industrial cities MUST be destroyed at the very outset of World War Three. This means cities on both East and West coasts of the United States WILL be hit with GERMAN-EU NUCLEAR WEAPONS ATTACKS!

Prophecy tells us that when acquired these weapons will be used to destroy American and British cities! See ‘Germany in Prophecy’.

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