Having been in Southern California during the ‘shelter in place’ voluntary effort to control the numbers of those needing hospitalization with the Covid-19 virus, I must compliment the forty million residents of the State of California and the entire nation for their cooperation during this health crisis!

The San Diego Freeway

If you haven’t been on the San Diego Freeway which runs all the way through Los Angeles to San Diego then you may not believe how congested that Interstate 5 becomes during weekends.

This can literally become a four-lane traffic jam for miles between San Juan Capistrano in Orange County all the way down to La Jolla in SD County, just to drive across one of the overpasses and to look down on all of that snarled traffic is enough for me.

But because of the tremendous effort of the people of Southern California the busiest freeway in the world was almost empty, even on weekends! Very well done Southern Cal, and similar positive reports are true of the entire country!

Condolences to The Families of The Deceased

It may be that Hundred of Thousand of Americans will perish in this needles epidemic in addition to the hundreds of thousands around the world. What a tremendous loss of life simply because if not deliberate that proper precautions were not taken by those in charge of such a lethal virus being released by China!

One hundred and sixty countries are demanding a full inquiry into the real cause of this global tragedy and this is not the first to have its beginnings in China. It now appears that the girlfriend of a lab-worker became infected and took it to the market where it began to spread rapidly, and we will be forced to deal with this virus every flu season!

Apparently China can be punished through sanctions or perhaps tariffs, by the World Trade Organization. Financial compensation could be recovered on behalf of the families who have lost loved ones, and some kind of policing of these laboratories should be established with all further research being halted!

Can Our World Governments Learn?

Can our world governments learn from the spread of this virus that an agreement should be sought amongst the nations to completely do away with all forms of virus and chemical weaponry?

Use of this is even described in the Book of Revelation as something which is used when World War Three breaks out amongst the Nations!

Can we not learn now? From this? Just how fatal and how inhumane our thinking has already become?

Given the shock value, during this slim sliver of time, there is an opening for World Leaders to put in place what the people of the world have shown them in controlling the spread of Covid-19, TO EXERCISE SELF CONTROL AND TO PUT AN END TO VIRUS RESEARCH!!!

When will they ever learn? WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN?



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