The US President has sent his congratulations to Britain’s Boris Johnson upon the announcement of his becoming Britain’s new Prime Minister. On the British side of the pond you possibly know of his rise to prominence as Mayer of London. The story of his boyhood rivalry with former Prime Minister David Cameron as they went through school together is pretty well known.

And now that Mr. Cameron and Mrs. May are gone, both casualties of their inability to ‘get Britain a better deal or to leave the European Union’ it has falls to Prime Minister Johnson to fulfill his campaign promise to ‘DO OR DIE’ as Britain leaves the European Union after 47 years!

President Congratulates

In remarks to an audience President Trump offered his congratulations and assurance of his confidence in the new PM’s ability to achieve Brexit suggesting that he work with Nigel Farage head of the new Brexit Party to finally get the job done! Nigel Farage proved to be a major asset to this end in achieving Britain’s official departure on the 31st. of January 2020!

Not everyone on the Brexit side trust Boris however as he has shown a ‘politically expedient’ side to his character in the past, a late comer to the Brexit side, but in time to be recognized.

It now remains for him to show either a total commitment to taking back British Sovereignty, including control of British business, British fishing waters, and to do away with the control of the European Court of Justice over Britain or to have a ‘no deal’ final departure!

Acceptance of much of the five hundred and fifty page TREATY already signed and sealed to keep Britain under EUROPEAN control on future trade should no longer apply, but Britain has become over-dependant on EUROPE which takes 42% of all British exports!

He has already voted FOR this ‘bad deal’ on one of the three occasions when it was rejected and has had the House of Commons approve much of it as the leave vote was taken!

The Hostility To Come

Ironically, that old European condition of the control of the Vatican over the governments of Europe is repeating its self! With the Catholic dominated European Court of Justice, the European Council, Commission, and Parliament against Protestant Britain!

The European flag is taken from the blue background and the twelve golden stars which surround the head and shoulders of the Virgin Mary! The hatred which the Church at Rome has festered within the ruling EU bodies against Protestant Britain has become obvious in the various European entities!

The entire European Continentant, especially the several predominantly Protestant nations will be turned into a POLICE STATE dominated by a GERMAN LED MILITARY OCCUPATION of the Israelite descendant nations which include France, Belgium and Holland, and the North Western nations.

And even out of favour with the Vatican Catholic Ireland another descendant nation of ancient Israel has now signed away its neutrality rights to Europe which will allow European military occupation of IRELAND! The need for road hardening to take military vehicles throughout Europe has already been announced!

A FINAL SHORT-LIVED resurrection of the old Unholy Roman Empire of the German People is now visible in German control of the European Continentant!

With the completion of the now forming GERMAN LED EURO ARMY-NAVY-AIR FORCE and with the the acquisition of Nuclear Weapons, a coming DICTATOR PRESIDENT in league with the Vatican will take total military control!!!

Mr. President do not allow Germany to have the proposed NUCLEAR ARSENAL under the guise of it belonging to the EU Nations. This will yield devastating results for Britain and America!!!

The now visible hatred toward our two nations will grow to the point where a coming Dictator President will order a NUCLEAR ATTACK on our nations, this will level British and American cities! This will be followed by a three and one half year national captivity!

Hard to believe yet most of us will live to see it happen! Then, an initial one thousand years of World Peace will begin after God personally intervenes to stop total annihilation of all human life.

It has only been in the last seventy five years that we have created the weapons of war which can finally erase all human life. Read of this in Matthew 24! ‘Without Gods’ personal intervention “no flesh would be saved alive.” That is how up to date Bible prophecy is, written two thousand years ago!

Can Britain’s new Prime Minister or any US President cope with such a scenario! Of course not! Whoever it was who coined the phrase “Only God Can Save Us Now” was speaking the truth! And thank God he will!

Learn more in ‘Germany In Prophecy’ and in ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’ and the in-depth ‘America And Britain In Prophecy’ on Page 1 of the Free Library to learn the outcome of the events now occurring in the British and European Parliament’s!

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