A LOT has happened since this was written only months ago! David Cameron, Britain’s Prime Minister and leader of the British Conservative party had won a second term in office, in a general election which he called to gain additional support within his own party and also from the British voting public, something not done in American politics. In common with Americans, only one third of the British people exercise their right to vote. But the Brexit vote cost Mr Cameron his “sweetest victory”!

It was my pleasure to have lived in the small town of Witney in Oxfordshire where Mr Cameron and his wife cast their votes, I also lived in Kent, known as the garden of England where Nigel Farage and his wife reside.

While Mr Cameron had achieved his objective, no longer needing the support of the Labour party coalition used to form his first government, he then survived as Prime Minister with his party winning only a slim majority. A major upheaval was the total victory of the Scottish Nationalist party over the Labour party in Scotland, raising discussion of another Scottish vote to leave the U.K.

Mr Cameron had promised the British people a national referendum on the nations further involvement in the twenty eight nation combined political and trading partnership with the European Union by the end of 2017. E.U. membership received much criticism from many in Britain including Conservative party members known as Euroskeptics, who may have forced Cameron to over play his hand in making a new deal for Britain as he depended on the support of every member of his party to survive in office.

This made the negotiations with European officials more difficult in order to gain better conditions for Britain, forced to pay a high price to enter the former European Common Market late in the day some forty years ago. This process tested his resolve and has resulted in separation from the mainly hostile European Parliament and it’s political union.

The U.K. Brexit…

Earlier in 2015 four days of voting to elect European Parliament members ended with “Earthquake resounding response from the French and British voters” to end their nations further political integration in the socialist controlled rush to form a ONE NATION EUROPE.

British voters gave the United Kingdom Independence Party a 27% share of the British delegation to the European Parliament for the next five years, signaling to the socialist control of the E.U. Parliament to end the forced political union and unlimited immigration policy from the have not nations in Europe into Britain and France. But it was business as usual on the floor of the E.U. Parliament, ignoring the will of the British and French voters.

Nigel Farage had been challenging British membership in the European Union, costing Britain 50 million Pounds each day. After this weeks British general election he resigned his UKIP parties leadership as promised after losing his bid for election as a British Member of Parliament, while he still retains his seat in the European Parliament, where he has represented British interests as a ‘Euroskeptic’ for fifteen years.

Google ‘Farage at the E.U. Parliament on You Tube’ for a greater understanding of the British challenge to make the E.U. Parliament a democratic institution, rather than a dictatorship controlled by un-elected bureaucrats who write all European law and who have the European President placed in office without a vote of the people, this is achieved by the vote of the mainly socialist members of the European Parliament!

Many British voiced real concerns because of thousands of changes to British law, 70% of which are dictated from E.U. headquarters in Brussels, including new laws being enacted to control British banking, still using the British Pound which helps the British economy, but is seen as competition for the struggling Euro. One third of China’s banking is entrusted to British banks, many British Commonwealth nations and Arab oil states bank in Britain.

Farage also warns that “Europe is on course for a possible Fascists takeover” because of the increased strength of the far left and far right in some E.U. nations with NO STRENGTH in the middle. This is also true in the way the European Parliament is structured, with no real democratic power to control the decision making process of the governing body. See ‘European Democracy Lost’ on Page 1of Librarian’s Comments.

Be WARNED Europe will have a POWERFUL leader take total control! He will act against the British to punish them, perhaps cutting off the 50% of Britain’s trade now done with Europe, including the shipment of 50% of Britain’s FOOD SUPPLIES. Eventually this coming frustrated European dictator will launch a successful nuclear or other modern weapons attack against Britain and the U.S., as God humbles our nations before giving us an even greater roll to play in future world affairs.

An all powerful loving God who really does exist WILL establish His World Government on earth, saving this world from total destruction as a German/Vatican led Europe goes to war in a final attempt at world domination! See the short ‘United States And Britain In Prophecy‘ on Library Page 1 and ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like’ on Pages 1 and 4 of the America And Britain’s Future Free Library.

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