The Irish are a proud and cultured people with perhaps the oldest history in Western Europe. It is recorded that the tribe of Dan led three tribes of Israel out of Egypt, and later occupied two homelands in Israel, originally living on the coast (See any bible map). It is recorded ‘Dan lived in ships’, these related scriptures are found in ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy‘, ‘From Jerusalem to London‘ and ‘America And Britain In Prophecy‘ found on Page 1 of the Library.

Since the time of the Exodus there had been descendants of the tribe of Dan colonizing Ireland, although the colonies failed at first. These great seafarers brought Solomon much of his wealth from the African coast including the peacocks which graced his palace, and no doubt brought wealth from the islands of the North Atlantic. A golden eagle was wrapped around the bows of each ship and as the fleet went under full sail it was said they sailed on Eagle’s Wings.

When the vast Assyrian Empire invaded Israel, those of Dan left their coastal location escaping the captivity and sailed to the Iberian Peninsula and then succeeded in occupying Erin’s Isle. Those of Dan living inland later emerged from the captivity and migrated across Europe, leaving their name on such rivers and landmarks as the Danube (river of Dan) and on their new homeland Denmark or ‘Dan’s mark’.

They also became the sea fairing fearless Vikings and controlled Ireland and Elba (later known as Scotland) and Ellan Vannin (the Isle of Man) establishing the ‘Tynwald’ Parliament there more than 1000 years ago which still exists today.

It is no wonder the Irish people struggled for so long to have an independent nation. Although those in Ireland were the same original people as their Danish occupiers and this history was probably known, domination by anyone is against the national characteristics which God gave Dan- the Irish and Danish peoples. The name Dan in the Hebrew or Den in Gallic means Judge, and there have been thousands of Irish judges in the judicial system of Ireland, Britain, Australia and in law enforcement in the United States.

The people of Ireland have been the pawns of Church and State, Catholic and Protestant. Several kings of England chose to fight their religious battles on Irish soil rather than in southern England as the exiles returned from France. Pitting North and South against each other- taking advantage of the common man. The Scots and the Irish are brothers descended from Jacob’s sons, as are the English! Is it any wonder this strange relationship exists between them.

Bible prophecy indicates that because of the way you have been treated by the English, when the opportunity for revenge is presented to you, Southern Ireland will submit to pressure as good Catholics and good Europeans to allow a European invasion of Britain and Northern Ireland through Southern Ireland! Impossible though it may seem today this may well come to pass, only to find Ireland under military occupation by a European Army, as you are also descendants of Israel. Much more can be written on this subject but fortunately this has been well covered by Raymond McNair in his ‘America And Britain In Prophecy‘ on Page 1 of the Library.

The Irish people are to receive a WARNING. The Church of God in Ireland is small and has had their tithe money taken out of Ireland over the decades. It is totally correct to begin using God’s tithe money to WARN your home town or city by beginning ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy Public Outreach Program.’

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