Our President fly’s to Quebec, Canada this week to face his recently discovered trading enemies waiting there to devour him.

But this cool-headed son of a Scottish mother is unafraid, knowing that right is on his side. Because he is determined to reduce the TWENTY TRILLION DOLLAR U.S. national debt which is more than the nation and this President can stand!

As he has said repeatedly, he holds no malice against the G7 and G20 top trading nations of the world for taking absolute advantage with their trading imbalances against the U.S. over the past forty years. Even though the U.S. has done much more than the rest of the world’s nations combined to prosper every one of these nations, now with prosperous economies.

Especially Germany and China

And especially the GERMAN ECONOMY since the end of World War Two with a FIFTY BILLION annual trade imbalance with the U.S. and whose current leadership displays nothing but resentment when told that it is time to institute EVEN TRADE PRACTICES.

China will, of course, continue to flatter and play the waiting game with their MASSIVE trade imbalance which some figure at 500 BILLION annually, plus the theft of intellectual properties that should never have been allowed in the first place!

After enjoying his new found fame for eighteen months the President has now become unavoidably annoyed, with his Scottish impatiens to GET THE JOB DONE now kicking in, and has announced HEAVY TARIFFS OR ELSE, fix the problem!

The Scots are known for their ability to build and for their financial frugality which he has displayed in building his own personal fortune, and for their straight talk, something which has been missing, coming from American and British world leadership since political correctness has dominated world affairs.

Stating that “the American auto industry has suffered long enough” he has announced tariff’s of 25% on foreign steel and auto imports, which most nations have long levied on U.S. vehicles making it IMPOSSIBLE for the average Japanese to ever own a Chevy!

The French Are Upset…

The French Premier Macro and the French Canadian P.M. of Canada, Trudeau are upset! Threatening to sign a G6 contract to exclude the U.S. from trade with them!

But the decision will not come from France or Canada, the German Chancellor who controls the decision-making process of the twenty-eight E.U. nations and those with E.U. trade agreements including Canada will decide what is to be done.

Merkel remains silent knowing that the vibrant German economy depends upon it’s exports of FIFTY PERCENT of all manufactured goods and presently enjoys a $50 Billion dollar trade imbalance with the U.S. annually. The E.U. combined trade imbalance with the U.S. stands at $150 Billion annually.

She will probably force all to aqueous to a compromise with the President for now. But, there are those in Germany who are planning a long-term solution to U.S. world dominance which will mean A TIME OF THE MOST SEVERE TROUBLE for America and Britain!

Canadian government subsidies to its dairy farmers and lumber industry over the years is causing bankruptcy’s and has left the U.S. lumber industry in Washington and Oregon in depression for years after every recession, delaying their return to stability.

Time For Even Trade Policy – Time For War…

Yes, it is time for EVEN TRADE if for no other reason than to help the guardian nation of the FREE WORLD who has sacrificed ALL and has gone into the DEEPEST DEBT of any nation in world history along with GREAT BRITAIN in order to POLICE THE WORLD, PRESERVING WORLD PEACE which has also helped to PROSPER ALL NATIONS.

The massive imbalance with China, the huge 150 Billion trade imbalance with the E.U. nations, the annual Japanese imbalances which was around 50 Billion and Mexico’s rising 60 Billion imbalance, together with the total of all 20 top trading nations and groups of nations have drained U.S. assets and industry to the point where a permanent correction must now be made!

But the animosity created by this correction will turn to absolute HATRED by former WORLD WAR TWO ENEMIES who will acquire NUCLEAR WEAPONS in the very near future and unfortunately we will see TRADE WAR turn to WORLD WAR against the United States and Britain ONE LAST TIME. Believe it or believe it not, unfortunately it is going to happen!

Following The Meeting…

Following the meeting The German Chancellor’s office released a photo with Merkel taking what is described as an ‘Alfa Mail’ stance, standing and leaning across a table in a lecture pose towards the President seated below her, with the rest of the G7 leaders in the background looking on.

No doubt this will appear on the front page of every newspaper and magazine covers across the 500,000,000 populated E.U. continent. A picture says a thousand words, but this one portrays a huge lie at the present time as the German GDP of just over 5 Billion annually is only one quarter that of the U.S., and the current GDP of all other nations at the G7 meeting combined barely equals that of the supposed 19 Billion Dollars of the U. S.

But, the fact that the Chancellors office has released such an image strongly indicates the German intention to ONE DAY dominate the United States. And that is what Germany is right now attempting to achieving through the leadership of the single nation EUROPE and with the support of the Vatican and the entire Catholic world with an additional 500,000,000 South American population!

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