So, we now have a situation where forces from the twenty-three EU nations who have signed up for the creation of a European Armed Forces are now being merged into the German Army to be complete by 2025, and the German Chancellor has said that Germany will pay for Nuclear Weapons! Time is definitely running out on our nations!

And so we in God’s church have also been given a deadline to "GO PROPHECY AGAIN" before our nation’s cities are destroyed and national captivity ensues!

But the problem is, that after leaving the parent church organization the true Philadelphians have failed to RE-UNITE THE BODY OF CHRIST! This is the situation today, after DECADES OF SEPARATION!

This is what GOD THE FATHER wants EVERY PHILADELPHIA ERA church leader to REALISE and to F I X the problem, so that HE CAN BEGIN TO CALL T H O U S A N D S of new PHILADELPHIA members into HIS Church!

PLEASE REUNITE the Philadelphia Era of the BODY OF CHRIST-GET THIS DONE FAST so that OUR FATHER can begin calling those PROMISED laborers to FINISH THE WORKE!

There is a serious judgment coming upon the house of God before any in the world are judged. Let not Christ tell YOU CHURCH LEADERS that "YOU KEPT MY BODY DIVIDED! DEPART FROM ME, I NEVER KNEW Y O U!!!"



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