The Catholic Church teaches that we are now in the ‘Third Millennium of the Kingdom Of God On Earth’ under the rule of the Church at Rome, with the head of that would be world dominant body ruling ‘In The Place Of Christ!’. The current Pope made mention of the third millennial time frame when addressing the U.S. Congress for the first time in 2016.

But where did the church which the Pope represents get the concept of a ‘millennial rule’ and how could the world have lost the original teaching of the Apostles on this vitally important subject, which when correctly understood lets us in on God’s time schedule of his Seven Thousand Year Plan for us today?

We are dealing with ‘God’s Seven Thousand Year Plan,’ one of the most important truths handed down by the true Church of God throughout history, teaching God’s time table of the principal of the seven day week being applied to ‘one day being a thousand years with God.’

Man Given A Six Thousand Year Rule

God’s plan to allow man’s rule on earth to last for six days or ‘six thousand years’ before giving us his ‘one thousand year rest’ from destructive wars and World Wars culminating in the soon coming destruction of ALL LIFE on the earth, if not stopped by an overwhelming intervention by a loving God who relay does exist contrary to all modern thinking, will soon find it necessary to save us from ourselves.

He will establish His World Government under His direct rule from Jerusalem, not from Rome and NOT by a FALSE CHRIST sitting in the coming Temple to be built in Jerusalem before Christ’s return!

God will replace the governments of all nations with the literal Government of God on earth ‘as it is in heaven’ if you learned what is referred to as The Lord’s Prayer? Even the Catholic Church teaches you that much.

The Beginning Of The First Millennium

This will be the BEGINNING of the FIRST MILLENNIUM of the KINGDOM OF GOD on earth. And this does not begin until World War Three has been cut short by the direct intervention of God who assumed the name of Jesus Christ in the English language for this project. His first name meaning Justice and then Saviour of the human race!

Learn how those who were given control of the church at Roman by the Roman Emperor and NOT by GOD, accepted every page Roman teaching into this false christian church declaring it the state religion and slowly, but surely suppressed the teaching of the truth of ‘Gods Seven Thousand Year Plan.’ The history of how this was accomplished is found on Page 2 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

This truth is of vital importance to YOUR understanding of soon coming events affecting America and Britain’s future as well as the entire world population as God’s plan to rule this earth enters that Seven Thousand Year of total World Peace!

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