Were modern ‘christian practices’ and beliefs taught by Jesus Christ? Was December 25th the date of His birth, how did He command us to remember Him?

On page one of Goggle listings on ‘Origin of Christmas’ we find the Dec. 25th celebration was taken from the ‘High Day’ of the Saturnalia Festival. The 7 days of revelry preceding and including this day culminated in human sacrifice to the SUN GOD in Roman cities! This ‘Winter Sun Worship’ festival originated in ancient Egypt.

These practices of ‘Pagan Worship’ were taking place around the world ‘during the time of Christ.’ It was not until 3 to 4 hundred years later that those who were given control of the ‘State Religion’ by the ‘Roman Emperor’ completed their ‘false christianizing’ of Europe and much of the known world by the incorporation of these ‘pagan customs’ into TODAYS FORM of FALSE CHRISTIAN PRACTICES!

Also Goggle ‘Origin of the Christmas Tree,’ which again dates back to ancient Egypt, as does the ‘Mother and Child’ symbol! The decorated fir tree is strongly condemned in the Bible, in Jeremiah, Chg. 10, written hundreds of years before Christ! Opposition to this celebration persisted, some of the early American puritan settlements outlawed Christmas and in Great Britain, Scotland did not recognize it until the late 1950’s, they officially celebrated New Years Day.

We are to remember Christ on the anniversary of his death, NOT on the supposed date of his birth. For related scriptures see ‘Truth About Christmas’ and ‘Truth About Easter’ on Page 2 of the library. True Christians did not go along with the ‘Easter’ celebration with it’s symbols of fertility- eggs, rabbits, and SUN rise services, refusing to replace the true Passover with what was a celebration to ‘Mishear, Started or Easter’ in English, the ancient Assyrian goddess of fertility.

How often do we celebrate any anniversary? Only one time every year!

Taking the Passover

Taking the Passover more frequently makes a mockery of ‘Christ’s true Passover’! The True Church of God continues to keep the ANNUAL Passover, which Christ commanded to be kept “In remembrance of me,” not by a daily or weekly ritual, and NOT by celebrating Christmas, which is not according to the Bible example.

The counterfeit ‘SUN god’ worship to the ‘SON of God’ at the time of the winter solstice was rejected by the true Church of God. To these rituals God says “In vain (conceit or ignorance) do they worship me teaching DOCTRINS OF MEN!”

Why have our ‘enlightened religious leaders’ allowed the American and British peoples to continue in these false christian practices? Shame on those who continue to be a part of the ongoing deception of these nations ‘which God had chosen to set the right example’ of TRUE CHRISTIANITY to the rest of the world.

Under the soon coming Government of God on earth we will begin to worship God “In honesty and in truth” not by the keeping of these false christian customs. The American and British peoples will be no longer “Lost through lack of knowledge.” See ‘Gods True Holy Days’ and ‘Which Day Is The Sabbath Of The New Testament,’ on Page 2 of the America And Britain’s Future Free Library.

Also see ‘The Amazing 2000 Year History of The True Church of God’ on Page 2. Each of God’s 7 annual Holy Days are detailed on Library Page 6, and see the Reference section for dates to begin keeping Gods true holy days. We are commanded to “keep these FOREVER, in all our generations” and NOT to accept ‘christianized PAGAN celebrations’ palmed off on the American and British peoples by those who claim to be our nations true Christian ministry.

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