I was so sorry to hear that heir to the British throne Prince Charles had contracted the virus and wished him a speedy recovery which reportedly occurred within a period of seven days.

My generation in Britain grew up with Prince Charles and Prince Andrew and Princess Ann always looked up to the very best example which they set Britain’s children.

I watched Prince Charles and his mother the Queen Elizabeth going through the nationally televised ceremony at Canarvon Castle when he became Prince of Wales. I recall "I Charles Philip Arthur George" as he began his part of the ceremony with confidence in his public speaking ability at only twelve years old, as I recall.

Proven Correct

Over the years he has been proven correct in his early positions on protecting the environment and on organic farming which would greatly minimize the cancer rate in all nations.

He also supports the practice of ‘alternative medicine’

He has also been working on the very interesting project of a NEW TOWN in England and this could become a model for the future as our towns and cities will need to be rebuilt!

Well Wishes

I wish you well Charge, I trust that Almighty God will watch over YOU in your ROYAL DUTIES.

When I do my annual medical here in C.A. my doctor tells me very disappointedly "I can’t find anything wrong with you."

Most Americans my age are reported to be on FIVE different drugs, some to combat the effects of one of the others!

‘Charles’ of ENGLAND be well!

British Prime Minister Johnson Also Suffered Covid-19!

Prime Minister Johnson also tested positive for COVID-19 and was moved from #10 Downing Street to intensive care in a nearby hospital. After suffering a severe attack of the virus he was released from hospital.

At the Prime Minister’s age of fifty-five the possibility of a fatality in his case was around two percent, although his case proved severe.

However, if you look at the speed in which this virus can progress to the lungs each and every lingering case must be considered as a serious health issue.

Glad you are well and back to work Boris, I would miss you during ‘Prime Minister’s Question Time’ in the House of Commons. For those who have not watched this please Google it from around the World on YouTube.

And be sure to read ‘From Jerusalem To London’ tracing the Royal Family back to Jerusalem and the lineage of King David.



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