I wish to pay tribute to the following friends…

Mr. Raymond McNair

Educator, Author and Evangelist and Vice Chancellor of 2 college campus’s in the U.S. and Britain. He was also asked to assist Mr. Armstrong in writing the enlarged ‘United States And Britain In Prophecy’.

With a love of the truth and the true identity of the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic peoples and concern for the future of our nations, Mr. McNair and I endeavored to begin a television series based on these truths, but his health did not permit this.

Mr. McNair was a welcome visitor in our home over a ten-year period when living in San Diego. Much can be said about his genuine interest in people, his love, and compassion which he constantly showed throughout his entire lifetime.

Raymond McNair’s writings are featured on Pages 1 and 3 of the America And Britain’s Future Free Library.

Mr. Carl McNair

Raymond’s brother, Mr. Carl McNair was known for his integrity as head of the ministry and for his outspoken honesty, not always appreciated by some. It was a refreshingly endearing attribute to others, who would have it no other way.

We laughed together upon his return to headquarters in San Diego when his support was needed. Carl loved to sing and had a voice to fit the bill. He will be needed soon in God’s Government, where there will be no demotions for honesty.

Mr. Dibar Apartian

Mr. Apartian was head of the French work of the Church of God for more than forty years. The most loyal and devoted Evangelist, to his work and on a lighter note might I add, to his love of French onion soup!

Mr. Apartian began his early life in extreme hardship with the loss of both parents after being placed on a train bound for Geneva, Switzerland to escape the genocide of the Armenian people, soon finding himself in an orphanage. He later came to the U.S., Mr. Apartian set the standard we all must follow and will receive a high position in God’s Kingdom. Some of his sermons are on Page 9 of the Free Library- in French of course.

Mr. Dean Wilson

When we came to Canada from the British Isles Mr. Wilson was in charge of the work in Canada. He and Mrs. Wilson would visit Victoria from Vancouver and were good friends with George and Luan Patrickson. Both were loved in the Canadian and U.S. churches.

Mr. Wilson would become my protector in more than one difficult situation as we both moved to Portland, Oregon and later to San Diego, California. I am proud to say I helped lead applause for Mr. Wilson on his last day as Pastor and Evangelist over both San Diego churches during trying times. The Wilson’s moved back to Portland Oregon before his death.

Mr. Colin Adair

I recall on one occasion he asked if I knew the difference between apathy and complacency? I replied, I don’t know and I don’t care! This was the response he was looking for. You’ve heard it before he laughed! This was Colin Adair’s light-hearted good- humored approach.

Mr. Adair and I were born in Northern Ireland, he attended Inst, one of Northern Ireland’s best schools and Ambassador College. He had the ability to lead and was head of the work in the Philippines, Canada, and the Caribbean, before continuing his work in San Diego.

He was Anglo-Irish, but told me reading ‘The History Of The Irish People’ would make anyone a Republican. Mrs. Adair lives close by and is a good friend.

Mr. Bill Brazil

Many who worked at Ambassador College, Pasadena will remember Bill Brazil, printer, musician and an all-around nice guy. Mr. Brazil was a Deacon in the Church of God and over the years touched many lives with his outgoing concern, kindness and respect for all.

Later as a self-employed printer, he often worked at below cost for the church, saying that he would beat any price. Those of us who knew Bill also knew that he would have done the work free of charge in his service to God.

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph and Gertrude Sage

Mr. Sage and his wife Gertrude were a very close couple and died only weeks apart in mid-2013 after celebrating their 61st wedding anniversary in Dec. of 2012.

It was our privilege to have known Mr. and Mrs. Sage over a long period of time, it was also our privilege to have witnessed the true outgoing character exemplified by both, displaying genuine love and concern toward others in their daily lives.

Lieutenant Commander Sage served his country for 27 years, entering the navy at 16 years of age serving on battleships in the Pacific specializing in damage control, leading men below decks to face fires at sea amongst other dangers!

Mr. Sage was the first in San Diego County to begin ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy Public Outreach Program’ in various locations and found tremendous interest in this during his lectures on the second world war and bible prophecy.

There are positions of high responsibility and honor reserved for all of these loyal servants of Jesus Christ, which no man will take away!

Mrs. Sheryl Meredith

Mrs. Sheryl Meredith died way too soon, Sheryl and her son’s David and Jonathan were friends of the family. Mrs. Meredith admired the friendship between her two sons and our son Steven, we also appreciated our friendship with the rest of the Meredith family.

Mr. Roderick C Meredith

Mr. Meredith died ‘old and full of days’ at the age of eighty-eight, holding the position of Presiding Evangelist. He will be remembered for standing up for the truth of God and for coming out of an organization being turned back into false Christianity by a new leadership of unconverted men.

Mr. Meredith appreciated the assistance which I gave in finding the first Feast site in Del Mar and my directions to find what became the church headquarters in Rancho Bernardo for the Global and then Living Church of God as the church offices were being established in San Diego County, C.A.

He also appreciated my work on the building of the first set for television and editing suits as he began what became a nationwide and worldwide television series.

My wife and I were pleased to host social occasions for the church in our home and enjoyed visits with the Meredith’s over the years before their headquarters moved from San Diego.

All of these individuals are missed. Our condolences and fondest regards to the families, including relatives in the ministry and their families.


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