A step forward in regards to the long-awaited fulfillment of Bible Prophecy concerning the approaching EUROPEAN TOTAL TAKEOVER of almost all Middle-Eastern Nations has occurred with the suggestion of an EU NAVY-MARITIME FORCE to be sent to the area of the Persian Gulf.

This was announced by the British Foreign Secretary, following the capture of a British tanker by Iran in retaliation for the British seizure of an Iranian tanker near Gibraltar enforcing the US sanction of Iranian oil exports.

This forces the speeding up of the creation of the EU NAVY which will be used initially to police the Straits of Hormuz off the Iranian coast to ensure the free movement of precious oil shipments to Europe and other nations. A British War Ship has already sailed to the Persian Gulf.

Egypt’s Significance

Today Egypt in one way is the least important Middle-Eastern nation to the many nations of the world who depend on the uninterrupted flow of oil from the region.

Today Egypt is coming back as an important nation in the Middle-East! They are in the process of building a new modern city to hold a population of over THREE MILLION people called NEW CHIRO, Egypt has produced much of the world’s cotton and has been one of the world’s major tourist attractions for over a century.

King of the SOUTH

But Egypt’s importance today has been overlooked by those who understand the prophecies contained in the book of Daniel regarding the original King of the North-King of the South prophecy. It was one of Alexander’s four generals who became the original King of the South.

But, today Egypt has been disregarded as the King of the South by those who understand prophecy. These would be prophets look at the huge wealth flowing into the OIL RICH nations but do not realize that Egypt’s future holds the key to equal wealth in the control of the movement of world trade.

It has been assumed that Egypt is of no importance to Europe which now holds the position of the King of the North in Daniel’s prophecy, but unlike other nations soon to be invaded in order to take control of their oil fields, this Daniel Ch 8 DUAL prophecy says ‘Egypt Shall Be Taken’ in other words EUROPE WILL INVADE EGYPT, but why?

Egypt A Major Sea Gate….

Egypt’s New Cairo is being built between the Nile river and Egypt’s most valuable ASSET, their SUEZ CANAL. I’ve been through the canal on two occasions. It has recently been enlarged to take ships of greater tonnage. Fifty ships each and every day pass through carrying 350 MILLION tons a year!

Most are not aware that there have been at least two previous canals going back over the centuries built by the Pharaohs perhaps.

After I went through on my way to live in Australia a war broke out between Egypt and the British over control of this most valuable asset of WORLD STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE.

Wanting to take control from the British in order to obtain income to be used for a major dam construction on the Nile river the Egyptians sank two ships blocking the canal from either end which caused an Israeli invasion, and the British went in to take back control.

The war over the canal was a major world event actually causing a rift between the US and Britain who had not kept the US president advised of their INVASION!

EGYPT as Modern Day KING of the SOUTH

So to those disregarding Egypt in prophecy, understand that IF EGYPT WERE TO T H R E A T E N TO CLOSE THE CANAL to block EUROPEAN SHIPPING in other words ‘P U S H I N G at the KING OF THE NORTH’ WHICH IS EUROPE TODAY. THEN EUROPE WOULD GO IN to take total control OF THE SUEZ CANAL as well as MIDDLE-EAST OIL!

What I am saying here will be the reason EUROPE ‘TAKES EGYPT.’ They will want control of this MAJOR SEA GATE.

They will need a massive Middle-East invasion force of ‘many ships’ carrying a huge invasion force as the Egypts massive 450,000 Armed Forces constantly modernizing with the latest Jet Fighters and weaponry from the US WILL FIGHT TO KEEP IT, just as they fought Great British in 1956!


See ‘Threat of War In The Gulf.’ Note the section titled ‘We Will, LET’EM!’

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