The election to the Papacy of the Argentinean son of an Italian immigrant railroad worker now firmly ties the 500 million Catholics in the new world to those in Europe. With the retired German Pope Emeritus still maintaining influence in Germany and Europe, and the present Pope having lived for some years in Germany while achieving his doctorate, we see the possibility of the prophecies in ‘The Mark And 666’ (See this on Library Page 2) may actually be fulfilled by this Pope from the strict Jesuit order! He is the 266th Pope.

The Church of God and various other church groups interested in bible prophecy, as well as enemies of America and Britain have been watching the creation of a new super power which has the political strength to turn world opinion against the United States and Britain, and will develop the power to destroy our nations!

Prophecies relate to the arrival of an influential Pope who, in an old quest will give a new European leader his support, uniting the Catholic world against the mainly protestant nations of the United States and Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the nations of Western and North Western Europe, who are the descendant nations of ancient Israel migrated from their original homeland.

See the short summary of ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’ on Page 1 of the America And Britain’s Future Free Library to lear our identity in prophecy.

When the Apostle John referred to 666 in Revelation 13:18. it was not meant to be a mystery, the area were under Roman rule and ROMAN in Greek numerals total 666. Also the Papal name ‘Vicar of Christ’ in Greek numerals total 666. The MARK which was enforced by the Roman government was, and is the observance of Sunday, the day on which all under Roman rule were forced to worship. Under threat of death true Christians continued to obey the 4th Commandment, keeping the 7th day Sabbath. See this explained further in ‘The Mark and 666’.

Several indicators suggest that the time of our nations corrective punishment may be closing in on us, as a 40 year period which has been allowed by God expires. Our nations have now abandoned those Judeo- Christian ethics upon which our laws were based, and which assured our freedom and prosperity.

In what will prove to be THE MOST COSTLY SOCIAL EXPERIMENT IN WORLD HISTORY. Under the deceptive term ‘Social Justice’ these laws have been done away!

Also, in the last 40 years the abortion laws which have allowed 53 million Americans to perish in the name of ‘A woman’s right to choose’ has now reduced our nations best educated work force between the age of 20 to 40 years of age! And even eroded the nations tax based ability to pay social security to future retires.

This is apart from the MORAL and SPIRITUAL implications of destroying what is equal to ONE SIXTH of our nations current population in this barbaric slaughter of innocent victims. How any woman or man for that matter can still defend this horrific PROCEDURE OF KILLING OUR UNBORNE BY THE MILLIONS is totally beyond comprehension!

We are the only nations IN WORLD HISTORY who’s Supreme Courts or any other governing body has EVER permitted such genocide!!! (With perhaps the exception of China). Surely this is one reason why God finally sends ‘A CRUEL ENEMY’ against us, calling America and Britain ‘A HYPOCRITICAL PEOPLE.’ We have defended human rights around the world but NOT protected 53 MILLION of our own unborn Americans, and additional millions of British descendants!

During the last 40 years extreme violence has come to our cities and now to our movie theatres, shopping malls and to our schools, since our courts have dropped the death penalty and also reduced sentences for all crimes. And ‘because justice is not speedily executed’ in our nations ‘our lands are full of BLOODY CRIMES’!

During the last 40 years the Aids disease has taken hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives in the western world and additional millions in Africa.

The U.S., Britain, Canada, Australia and France have approve ‘same sex marriage’ completely ignoring Gods law. This might be the breaking point between God and his chosen peoples destruction of the family unit as He designed it. See ‘God is A Family Not A Trinity’ in Page 4 of Librarian’s Comments.

Fortunately for All victims of murder and the death penalty and the victims of the Aids epidemic, including entire families in small African villages- the member of the Family of God who later declares “I make all things new” will use his awesome power to bring ALL of them back to enjoy a life of peace and happiness.

But in the immediate future America and Britain are about to be subjected to the severe punishment which a loving God will now begin to intensify on our nations, even telling us that He will refuse to hear our pleas until His coming punishment of FAMIN in Britain and America, followed by NUCLEAR ATTACK and MILITARY OCCUPATION in order to correct a stubborn people is complete!

For further proof of what our American and British related nations are bringing upon themselves because of their ‘Hypocritical Behavior’ be sure to see ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’ and ‘The Mark And 666’ both short and highly informative needed reading in order to understand what will come next!

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