In ALL of the Bible, there is NOT ONE example of a man being ordained to the SEPARATE RANK of EVANGELIST. There are ONLY TWO references made to an individual ‘Evangelist’ in the entire Bible! Only Philip was mentioned as an Evangelist in Acts 21:8 and in 2nd Timothy 4:5 Timothy, was told by the Apostle Paul to "do the work of an Evangelist."

NO ONE in these scriptural examples were given a SPECIAL ORDINATION CEREMONY in front of the admiring Feast Site assembly and from THAT DAY ON were in authority ABOVE ALL OTHERS! THIS IS JUST NOT SO IN SCRIPTURE!!!

Those evangelizing went out and brought in converts to be taught, placing them in the Ministers-Teachers care and then returned to the job of evangelizing, holding campaigns so the population could make contact with the one true Church of God in order to bring in those God The Father was calling.

There was NO BIG DEAL made of a man who evangelized as he passed through the area on the day he showed up at a regional church, of course he was welcomed with open arms, he may have preached a sermon there he may not have, he was probably on his way to a region of the world to evangelise.

In that case he worked separately away from the Ministry and NOT S U P E R V I S I N G the Ministry.

They were NOT organized on C O R P O R A T E rungs of the ladder with the EVANGELIST on the rung above watching over the Ministers and TEACHERS on the rungs below!!!

THAT IS WORLDLY C O R P O R A T E government found in BUSINESS. Please understand this vital point!

It was NOT RANK on top of RANK all the way up the C O R P O R A T E church ladder! We are dealing with a problem here which has existed ALL the way through the length of the Philadelphia Era, and STILL EXISTS HERE AND NOW TODAY.


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