In our nation where 7% of the world’s population enjoy 40% of the world’s wealth, God in whom we once trusted for our national security, peace and happiness as well as our abundant food supply, now WARNS the United States that we are in danger of losing EVERYTHING!

God says “I have a controversy with the nations,” beginning with America and Britain and those nations following the BAD EXAMPLE our highest courts are now setting, as they overturn foundational laws once based on God’s Law.

It has been forty years and the loss of FORTY MILLION unborn American lives since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned God’s Law on ‘the right to life’ of a fetus in the womb!

Now the highest court in the land has RULED against another of God’s foundational principles of family life. It was God who made it HIS LAW, instituting marriage was “a contract between a man and a woman.”

Only in the nations where the greatest freedoms still exist has this foundational building block of society been demolished, even as our nations still dwell in comparative peace and safety, as the protection of a loving God is slowly being withdrawn!

Even the courts Chief Justice voting against, stated: “JUST WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE”? Writing,”This decision has no basis in the Constitution.” And “The Supreme Court has no right to make NEW LAW, only to define the law.”

But since their ruling has taken this hot button issue out of State and Federal legislatures, our senators and congressmen have allowed the ruling to go unchallenged, no longer wanting to face further embarrassment on the issue.

One judge voting for pointed out that this decision was made in a similar way to that of the courts ruling on abortion!

Foreseeing these events God describes America and Britain today as ‘A HYPOCRITICAL PEOPLE,’ standing for human rights around the world but allowing the mas-destruction of the unborn at home!

It has also been forty years since the first Gay Pride parades in our nation’s cities with same sex marriage now being legalized in every state in what is seen as granting everyone their civil rights and freedom under the law. Since our law makers see no reason to retain God’s laws in their thinking, they now fail to understand that there are some freedoms which God withholds for the good of the family and the nation.

President Obama mentioned how beautiful the facade of the white house appeared as it was lit in the gay rights colors, in a response to complaints that this action was offensive to many. He ran for office on the premise that he was modeling his career on that of Abraham Lincoln and used the Lincoln Bible to be sworn into office.

Does he believe President Lincoln would have supported this? Read Lincoln’s speech to the nation where he scolds that generation for having forgotten God! Find this in the last chapter of ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’ on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

The Error Of Our Ways!

God says “My people are lost through lack of knowledge.” Those in leadership positions in the U.S. and Britain today have failed to keep us under God’s protection. They have allowed our education system to be completely altered by the acceptance of the unproven ‘THEORY’ of evolution, establishing the thought that God does not exist.

After the excesses of the Roaring Twenties came the Dust Bowl years and the Stock Market crash! World War Two was meant to teach us to live by God’s laws, in order to have His protection from a further tyrannical German dictatorship now forming again in Europe.

Hitler’s Germany attempted to defeat and make slaves of the American and British peoples, just as they did to our relative nations of France, Holland, Belgium and most of the nations of Northwestern Europe only seventy short years ago! This was only a forerunner to what now lies ahead because of our disobedience in these matters of Supreme Importance to God.

In the last forty years, our nations have embarked upon THE MOST COSTLY SOCIAL EXPERIMENT in human history, to overturn the influence of Judeo/Christian ethics in our laws affecting the family, including divorce which has devastated half the nation’s families. We literally BITE THE HAND that has fed us decade after decade with rain in due season.

After seeing 65% of U.S. farm lands in prolonged serious drought and with the state of California, which produces $41 billion in crops, including most of the fruit and vegetables grown in the nation, having been ninety five percent in drought, it appears that God is withholding rain in due season to America, Canada, and Australia. Even the British Isles will suffer drought! See ‘To Starve A People: Why Drought In America, Canada And Australia?’ on Page 1 of Librarian’s Comments.

DUALITY In Prophecy Now Repeating Itself!

This is why GERMANY IS BUILDING LONG RANGE ROCKETS TODAY! Using the ‘European Space Project’ and why TEN of the European Union nations under German control, will combine their military and modern weapons development to once again attack Britain and their former allies of World War Two in Europe. This time to conquer our nations, including the United States!

No Small Thing!

Do not be FOOLED, this will prove to be NO SMALL THING as our nations begin to realize the punishments which have already started in the form of God allowing 1. Terror, 2. Drought and Famine, which will cause starvation here in the U.S. and in Britain and the British descended nations, and 3. World War and national defeat and captivity! See Leviticus 26. It still applies to us today!

Eventually God will cause us to lose possession of this continent because of our rejection of His Laws. Believe it or not!

Do you get the picture SUPREME COURT MEMBERS and our nation’s leadership? If you fail to understand that this nation is now on notice, there is always the hard way to learn THE MOST BITTER LESSON EVER LEARNED by this most powerful nation in world history. Soon to fall, unless we wake up to the fact that GOD DOES EXIST and is deeply concerned and involved in these matters of SUPREME IMPORTANCE TO HIM, as the U.S. Supreme Court does the nation another terrible injustice.

Similar rulings have already been made in the British Commonwealth nations and in the nations of Northwestern Europe. All descendant nations of ancient Israel, having received the greatest national blessings promised to them under God’s agreement with our nations ancestors, now forgotten by our generations.

We Should Learn By Their Hard Lessons

Learn how our ancestors were taught the hardest lessons in their history, with huge loss of life, national captivity and loss of their homeland! See ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’ on Page 1 of the Library.

Thankfully God has big plans for our descendants! They will be used to perform much greater works in the future, on a scale which will amaze them. See ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like’ on Library Page 1 and ‘The Coming: Wonderful World Tomorrow’ on Page 4 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

See ‘Why Did God Allow: The 9/11 Terrorist Attack And Why Terror.’ and ‘To Starve A People: Why Drought In America, Canada And Australia’ on this page of Librarian’s Comments and ‘Drought, Flood And Famine’ on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

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