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For phone friendly readers to print Free booklets download PDFs onto your computer. To print Free booklets *Use A4 Booklets and Covers for Metric Countries Click for Instructions Cover | Booklet A4 Cover | A4 Booklet Click for Instructions Cover | Booklet A4 Cover | A4 Booklet Cover | Booklet A4 Cover | A4 Booklet […]

GERMANY Almost Ready!

By Librarian in Church Page, Germany.

So, we now have a situation where forces from the twenty-three EU nations who have signed up for the creation of a European Armed Forces are now being merged into the German Army to be complete by 2025, and the German Chancellor has said that Germany will pay for Nuclear Weapons! Time is definitely running […]

Re-Unite the Philadelphia Era of God’s True Church….

By Librarian in Church Page.

Throughout the seventy year history of the Philadelphia Era of Gods’ true church, there has been times when God the Father stopped adding to the church until a certain situation or error was detected and corrected. At that point in time, God the Father would once again begin calling new members into the body. We […]


By Librarian in Church Page.

Each evangelist Head of Each Church Splinter Group will retain the JOB of evangelizing but NOT the exalted title and their main purpose for the remainder of the Philadelphia Era will be to HOLD EVANGELISTIC CAMPAIGNS right across the American Continent, in Britain and Ireland, in Australia and New Zealand and across Europe, in Africa, […]

A TWO MAN CARETAKER Church Leadership…

By Librarian in Church Page.

Until Christ returns physical leadership of HIS BODY should be turned over to a CARETAKER leadership and then handed to the RETURNING JESUS CHRIST! Christ wants THIS TERRIBLE SITUATION CORRECTED HERE AND NOW! And HE wants these EVANGELISTS And Others who are in charge of ALL of these S P L I N T E […]

This Is Where It Came From!

By Librarian in Church Page.

This is how SOME of these men have allowed Satan to inject His Personality into the Leadership positions of these Church Of God SPLINTER GROUPS, keeping Christ’s Body divided, repent all of YOU! This is where ALL OF THE COMPETITION CAME FROM…. with M E N allowing themselves to be made Head of a part […]

A Corporate Jet…

By Librarian in Church Page.

Another Splinter Group leader who had already been separated from the Philadelphia Era because of a book which he insisted on publishing assumed the position as head of an i n c o r p e r a t e d Church named after the Philadelphia Era. Something Mr. Armstrong could have done BUT DID […]

Another New Church Headquarters

By Librarian in Church Page.

We see yet another would be Head of the Philadelphia Era, who split from the Global Church of God, with a video on the net of HIS Newly Built Headquarters on one hundred acres. This is a HUGE COMMITMENT of GODS’ TITHE to this project for years into the future, when he should be using […]


By Librarian in Church Page.

Let me give you this one example and I will name a name to make this point, I’m sure he won’t mind. We all know who Roderick C Meredith was, when he came out of the parent church he founded the Global Church of God. When Evangelists in that organization rebelled against him he founded […]

A Necessary Alternative Leadership

By Librarian in Church Page.

There came a time when an alternative had to be established to the Pasadena leadership, various Evangelists and Ministers led several groups out at different times for all the right reasons BUT these groups could not AGREE to reunite the ONE BODY OF JESUS CHRIST! This is how the divisions in the Philadelphia Era happened. […]

EVANGELIST Elevated Over The Years…

By Librarian in Church Page, Librarian's Comment.

THIS WAS N O T INTENTIANALLY DONE! There were four Evangelists given the JOB of being over the four areas of the US and one in Canada, one over Britain, one in the Southern Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, one in the Caribbean, one in the French work and one in the Spanish work, BUT […]

It Was Only A Job To Be Done

By Librarian in Church Page, Librarian's Comment.

In ALL of the Bible, there is NOT ONE example of a man being ordained to the SEPARATE RANK of EVANGELIST. There are ONLY TWO references made to an individual ‘Evangelist’ in the entire Bible! Only Philip was mentioned as an Evangelist in Acts 21:8 and in 2nd Timothy 4:5 Timothy, was told by the […]

Church Organization

By Librarian in Church Page, Librarian's Comment.

As the Philadelphia Era grew at 33% a year for 30 years or more, it became necessary to organise the church. It had to be organized as the Government of God, that is from the TOP down and NOT like a democracy from the bottom up. And yet, within the government structure, there was constant […]


By Librarian in Church Page, Librarian's Comment.

To the men who L E A D segments of the true Church of God today and those who may have built or bought new headquarters at great expense with GODS’ TITHES and OFFERINGS since leaving Pasadena, and who live very well at Church expense instead of using Gods’ Tithe to give a GREATER W […]

The Early Sacrificing Ministry!

By Librarian in Church Page, Librarian's Comment.

While most in the first generation Ministry of the Philadelphia Era Church of God were truly converted men who worked with LITTLE FINANCIAL SUPPORT sacrificing their lives work to reach the American and British peoples and the entire WORLD, by the end of the second generation we find what has become an insurmountable leadership problem […]

In Remembrance Of..

By Librarian in Church Page, Librarian's Comment.

I wish to pay tribute to the following friends… Mr. Raymond McNair Educator, Author and Evangelist and Vice Chancellor of 2 college campus’s in the U.S. and Britain. He was also asked to assist Mr. Armstrong in writing the enlarged ‘United States And Britain In Prophecy’. With a love of the truth and the true […]


By Librarian in World.

The agony is allowed to continue in Zimbabwe and in Darfur, Somalia where the populations are now suffering starvation in the worst human tragedy of our time. The children of generations who had their farmlands and raw material taken from them by British settlers and British Corporations who became wealthy at their expense in Rhodesia, […]


By Librarian in Britain, Librarian's Comment.

I glanced at a ‘Beatles’ poster on my way into the theatre. Unknown outside of Liverpool they received polite applause then stepped back into the shadows as Helen Shapiro, the star of the show came on stage. That night the Beatles played backup, but the ‘magical experience’ which Paul McCartney speaks of was about to […]

WORLD PEACE: How It Will Come!

By Librarian in World.

In ‘The Ascent of Money’ author Neil Ferguson a ‘canny’ Scottish Harvard educated Financial Historian, outlines the cause of the U.S. decline and that of previous world dominant nations. Simply, “Indebtedness becomes overwhelming and growth rates decline.” The estute Jamie Diamond of Chase Bank warns the U.S. that we must correct our financial chaos, before […]

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