Mrs. May’s 550 page Brexit agreement with the EU was rejected by 2/3ds. of all British Parliament members on both sides of the house, the greatest defeat EVER for any British P.M. Then a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the Government was called for by the opposition leader, asking for a  General Election. The Government won the vote on this. 

So, on it goes. Mrs. May now addressing Barnier and Junker as, wait for it… YOUR EXCELLENCIES!!!

Within three days she must present her next proposal to the Parliament, which will probably be to have the Parliament vote again on some new concession from the negotiators, or to either extend the leave date so she can try again to get concessions from the German Chancellor-EU negotiators or call for another Referendum hoping they have sufficiently frightened the British people into voting to STAY in the EU. 

Asking the people to VOTE AGAIN is an old tactic which EU leaders have used successfully on the Irish people when they voted against the EU Constitution because they did NOT want the EU Parliament to have any more power, the same tactic was used against Holland and one of the North-Western European nations. This so far has always worked for the Brussels Government.

It is thought that the EU negotiators will give a further concession on ‘the N.I. backstop’ as it is called which was planned to effectively keep Northern Ireland in the EU if implemented, this concerns the border between Northern and Southern Ireland. Actually, an attempt to govern Ulster by the EU leadership’s SILENT PARTNER the Vatican as many are becoming aware.

The EU flag represents the circle of twelve stars on a blue background taken from around the shoulders of ‘The Virgin Mary!’ Latin was made the official language! And Sunday was made the official day of rest decades ago!

As a longtime Southern Irish church member friend who I met recently in Phoenix on my way through said: “well we know they have to fall out.” Yes, this is not the end of Britain’s struggle against the German-Vatican led unholy reunion of the ‘Holy Roman Empire of the German People.’ 

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