See ‘Middle East In Prophecy’ and ‘Germany In Prophecy’ found on Page 1 of The America And Britains Future Free Library to understand what is really shaping up in the region.

The conflict will turn to control of several Middle Eastern nations by EUROPEAN FORCES focused on preserving oil reserves in order to sustain the European economy and to Europe assisting Vatican control of part of Jerusalem!

Russia Becomes Involved

The fifth largest city in the Kingdom of Jordan today is actually a refugee camp filled with helpless Syrian citizens who have been allowed to move there in order to escape the tragedy mounting in their homeland.

Russia, protecting its naval base leased from the Syrians, has entered the war raging in the nation and is arming government forces, while Iran is reported to have around three thousand fighting for Syria.

It’s NOT The End Of The World

We are told that “All nations will be drawn into a Middle East conflict.”

Most misunderstand Bible prophecy, and believe these prophecies to be talking about ‘the end of the world’ when in fact the word ‘world’ taken in context should have been translated as ‘age.’

This world does not end!

Most misunderstand the facts relating to the last battle, which they see as shaping up by Russia’s engagement in Syria – that battle will not be fought between the U.S. and Russia.

Specific Prophecies Explained

Prophecies regarding the Middle East are specific and easy to understand for those willing to read these directly from scripture, we are also told: “a good understanding have they who keep the commandments.”

Few in government authority today are willing to recognize the ability of a higher power to shape world events, most now consider themselves intellectually above any necessity to seek out and maintain a belief in that one true God who really does exist!

What we are watching in the Middle East today is not the end, but it IS the beginning of the end of this increasingly tragic mess we have made out of man’s rule in most situations around the world!

Without seeking help from the one true God, who must soon personally intervener in order to save this world alive our governments are bringing the world to a tragic end!

Enter The One True God

Learn how this WILL happen in many of the titles on Page 1 of the Library.

Be sure to read the short ‘Middle East In Prophecy’ and ‘Germany In Prophecy’ in order to see these scriptural references and to find how easy it is to understand what few have ever taken time to understand before about the Middle East.

Also see the interesting ‘World Peace How It Will Come’, all on Library Page 1. Check out the America And Britains Future Free Library to find more answers to your questions!

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