It is customary to talk about our own success more in America than in the British Isles. For those who want to know me a little better, I will spend a moment on this. I had made it by age 27, a partnership in a successful construction company, a new home free and clear and a British Aston Martin in the driveway.

This short statement does not cover the amount of hands on hard work with construction and sales of 25 new homes each year. I was also in a position to become a contributor to Ambassador College in England, having listened it’s founder on Radio Luxembourg, Radio London and Manx Radio over many years.

Harris Brothers had been carpentry contractors in England on such projects as the 1000 home Brize Norton Air Base in Oxfordshire (the fastest moving contract in the British Isles at that time), and on a 500 home project in Witney, later building homes on the British Isle Of Man where liberal tax laws had brought in many corporations, retirees and celebrities.

High inflation in construction costs and threat of tax law changes on the Island, union unrest and government takeover of large corporations in England had caused a stagnant British economy, forcing a necessary move to Canada and later to Portland, Oregon and to Southern California where we have lived for the past 35 years.

It was my privilege to have been a part of the teamwork which exists in the U.S. and British construction industries. I am now retired after a total of 43 years of hard labor or labour, depending on which side of the POND you are on. I now work on a Mac with a much lighter tool bar, three Mac’s in fact.

I am dedicated to serving the American and British people through the pages of the American And Britain’s Future Free Library and Video Program by giving a WARNING to our nations of the DANGERS which lie ahead, this has now become an extremely URGENT cause.

My favorite library title ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like’ is an eye opening look into the future, it will soon be here! Be sure to read this title found on Page 1 and in quick Question and Answer form ‘The Coming…Wonderful World Tomorrow’ on Page 4 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.


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