Why is there almost an obsession with a ship which sank back in April 1912? Why the fascination with this catastrophe which struck both the American and British peoples more than a century ago? And why the need to make yet another movie about it, this was the Kate Winslet, Leonard DiCaprio movie TITANIC made in 3D.

This technique may save the movie industry countless millions in the future as it is impossible to bootleg a 3D movie.

The loss of this great ship financed by J.P. Morgan and built in Belfast, Northern Ireland, had a 9/11 type effect on both sides of the Atlantic! Thousands were devastated as the report of the ships sinking hit the morning papers in London, and in New York where Titanic was to dock earlier that morning.

Not Even God…

During construction ‘Not Even God Can Sink This Ship’ had been painted on the hull of the vessel before the steel plates were riveted. This was allowed to remain, perhaps reflecting a superior attitude of self-confidence brought about by trust in Titanic’s advanced engineering.

On launch day the ship claimed its 8th victim as one of those assisting with the launch was killed.

Superior Design

Titanic was the first ship to be built with watertight compartments below deck and was believed to be unsinkable because a total of five watertight compartments in a row would need to be breached in order to sink her.

This was exactly the damage sustained on that starlit night, with a gash of 290 feet spanning the five forward compartments below the waterline of the largest moving object on earth!

But Britain and America did not pause long enough to consider the condition or attitudes of our nation’s as with the future 9/11 attack. Perhaps leaving God out of the picture before Titanic sailed from Belfast to the port of Southampton in Southern England, where she took on a full crew, passengers and supplies.

Then on that fateful night Titanic may have been racing to beat other vessels across the Atlantic hoping to make very different News Headlines as the fastest Atlantic crossing liner afloat! But the New York newspaper boys had a much different cry that morning!

Visit The Impressive Titanic Exhibition

The impressive Titanic exhibit in the Belfast, Northern Ireland shipyard is a star -shaped facility representing the Blue Star Line with a blue line approaching the building depicting the full length of the ships hull.

Nine excellent exhibits of fore levels of the innately detailed structure rise to the height of the great ship.

A Cold Water Mirage And Scintillation

An atmospheric condition known as a ‘cold water mirage’ experienced in that area, along with rain, may have hidden the 25-mile long iceberg from the sight of the lookouts. This could have reduced the sighting of this huge object from a full half-hour down to less than a sixty-second warning!

The ‘scintillation’ effect on that very starry night most likely caused the nearby ship, the California, to miss Titanic’s flashing distress signals!

Since The 9/11 Attack

Since the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and the freezing of the world economy caused by the US mortgage crisis as well as the CV-19 pandemic, can we continue to believe that ‘Not Even God Can Sink This Ship’?

That the America and British descendant nations economies are ‘to big to fail and too big to bail’ just like that once great ship?

The Prelude To Two World Wars!

Two years after ‘the Titanic wake up call’ God brought an old enemy to threaten the British and American way of life, which caused thousands more lives to be lost at sea and in the trenches of World War One and Two!

Today God WARNS Britain and America of His unhappiness with our national attitude towards Him and His Laws.

He sees our nations abandoning His Laws, with dishonest business practices, disintegration of our families, our morals, and our approval of even worse behavior, and He begins to SHOCK us back to reality.

Do Not Be Deceived

A very real powerful God Being does exist! He has been watching over the British and American people since before our nations were established.

He is not far away and He W A R N America and Britain before bringing stronger corrective punishment on the! This was as true after Titanic’s sinking in 1912 as it has been following the 9/11 attack, with additional terror attacks, growing drought, and coming World Nuclear War against our nations, coming from Germany!

Read the final Good News of America And Britain’s Future throughout the America And Britains Future Free Library, as well as the serious WARNING for our nation’s immediate future!

You can take action now to avoid the dangers which faced those Titanic passengers before the unexpected tragedy struck on that calm bright starry starry night 100 years ago.


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