In late June of 2018 President Trump announced his new directive to the Pentagon to create a sixth branch of the U.S. Armed Forces to be known as Space Force.

This announcement came in the midst of other prominent political issues such as immigration but few realize that the size and scope of the president’s announcement will, to use one of his phrases “BE HUGE!”

Two major entities concerning space already exist: The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) created in 1961 with a budget of around $15 Billion, and the Air Force Space Command established in1982, this has 36,000 personnel and a budget of $8.50 Billion.

The creation of the new Space Force will mean that this agency will not report to the Air Force high command but will “be equal too but separate from the Air Force.”

Since the U.S. revealed its X37B unmanned spacecraft with capacity to stay in orbit for more than 200 days carrying an ‘unspecified payload’ all other serious contenders including Europe, China, and Russia, must meet this challenge by placing weaponry in space!

Seven years ago I wrote of U.S. and British enemies placing weapons of mass destruction in space. A stark warning to the possibility of attack from space on the cities of our nations by the coming EU-German Armed Forces!

German-E.U. Nuclear Weapons!

The creation of this was finally announced earlier this year-A COMBINED EUROPEAN ARMED FORCES BY 2025! And Germany has said THEY WILL PAY FOR A NUCLEAR ARSENAL!

This was called for by the German Chancellor and announced by Germany’s puppet Jean-Claude Junker head of the European Commission which controls the seven hundred and fifty member European Parliament. Some will remember the JUNKER BOMBER built by Junker’s family for NAZI GERMANY.

French and possibly British Nuclear Weapons may be used as the basis for an enlarged European Nuclear Arsenal to complement the formation of the new European Armed Forces by 2025!

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