I’m sure Canadians are thrilled to have Prince Harry come to live in BC, I brought my very young family from the British Isles to the Saanich Peninsula where the Prince and his wife will be living, it’s a beautiful spot.

Having lived on the tiny British Isle of Man for some years we decided that big city Vancouver beautiful though it is was a little overpowering and decided on Victoria, Vancouver Island where I built homes in Saanich.

I had no plans to come to the US but as things worked out, with the price of new homes doubling in BC in the three years prior to my arrival in Canada leaving no room for a builder’s profit causing me to find a cheaper market, we arrived in the US in the bicentennial year of 1976!

After building homes in Portland, Oregon continued to move south to San Diego County where I have lived for the past thirty-five years.

HELLO to all in BC and across Canada, thank you for your continued visits!


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