The world turned to Germany during the G8 meetings at Camp David! “Only the German taxpayers can foot the bill to sustain the Euro” was the consensus. Prophecy foretells that Germany would dominate Europe and eventually cause world war for a third time in modern history!

As a forerunner to this Britain would become dependant on Germany during a time of British weakness! This is exactly where Britain stands today, with it’s industrial output dependant on the E.U. to still take 44% of British exports even after they separate themselves from the European Union in accordance with the Brexit vote! The final German reaction will be a disastrous outcome for the British!

Even the expansion in the Chinese and Indian Economies depend on Europe’s ability to sustain the Euro and the European economy to buy their products. The continuing strength of the US economy depends on it’s 20% exported product, which includes corn and wheat, now affected by the drought. Librarian’s Comments Page 2 contains several reports on G8 and G20 meetings. See the short, but informative Germany in Prophecy on Library Page 1

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America And Britain's Future 2021