Throughout the seventy year history of the Philadelphia Era of Gods’ true church, there has been times when God the Father stopped adding to the church until a certain situation or error was detected and corrected. At that point in time, God the Father would once again begin calling new members into the body. We have a similar problem TODAY.

The Body Of Christ Is Divided!

This is the problem God the Father wants FIXED?

A SERIOUS WARNING MUST BE GIVEN to our nations of the impending DESTRUCTION of our cities and the loss of MILLIONS of American and British lives in a brutal attack coming from Germany before going into national captivity!

According to the parable of the labourers, there are additional people waiting to swell our ranks, to be given God’s Spirit, called at this time to help in taking true church teaching to the world, to finish the Great Commission and to WARN OUR NATIONS with sufficient strength that NO ONE CAN SAY WE WERE NOT WARNED?

God The Father WILL CALL MANY THOUSANDS IN THIS TIME in order to GET THIS DONE supplying additional labourers with the funds to FINISH THE WORK of the Philadelphia Era of HIS TRUE CHURCH just as soon as we realize WHY HE is not now providing the traditional ‘THIRTY PERCENT INCREASE when we begin to please Him.’

The Body Of Christ Is Divided: This Is The Problem!

In Revelation 10:11 As a final test of those now in the Philadelphia Era and just when we believe our work is almost done, the Church is told to "GO PROPHECY AGAIN." But by now what remains of this era of the church has been seriously damaged by the scattering of the church which took place when unconverted men were given control of the leadership as a test of every minister and church member.

Various leading men including Evangelists were forced to take action against the deliberate slide back to worldly teaching. Several larger and many smaller church groups were independently formed. This has continued over a thirty year period approximately. Throughout this time a serious lack of funds to do a work of warning has been a problem because there have been few additional new members added to the churches.


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