This is a very SERIOUS WARNING from Jesus Christ to the ministry and the membership of ‘His True Church’ TO-DAY! Because of their spending more than 90% of Gods finances ON THEMSELVES and by doing so have NOT presented a FAIR WARNING to Britain and America, CHRIST tells them “Because you are neither hot or cold (and have not done this), I will spew YOU out of my mouth” just as any one of us would spew wine which has turned rancid out of our mouths!

Why take $90 to $100,000 in salaries plus expenses as head of one of these larger church groups when you have taken millions in salaries over the years and can now afford to work free as an example to other ministers to sacrifice a little!

As we approach the Passover, Christ now warns these men they have little time left to REPENT! And to sacrifice their comfortable lifestyles and well paid jobs, paid Feast expenses, free automobiles, free credit cards for gas, meals etc., vacation pay and retirement package. It is past time now to divert all of this into giving a WARNING which our nations WILL HEAR! Your eternal lives depend on THIS, because TODAY JUDGMENT IS (ONLY) UPON THE HOUSE OF GOD.

See ‘The Amazing 2000 yr. History Of The True Church Of God’ and learn the true celebrations of the one true church which Jesus Christ founded, on Page 2 of the America And Britain’s Future Free Library. All short reads.

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