The latest British effort to maintain its markets within the EU trade block is to send representatives to individual European nations with offers of free trade with Britain. This has been responded to with a letter sent by the EU chief negotiator Michelle Barnier encouraging the member states to stand firm against the British attempt to divide the European Union.

Obviously the influence of the Catholic hierarchy in all EU catholic countries will also have been brought to bear on any of the many Catholic nations yielding to British influence to trade freely with Britain.

There is a major split coming between Western and North Western nations in Europe, and those predominantly Catholic nations united with Germany who will remain under the EU flag. This will eventually produce an AGRESSIVE MILITARISED TEN NATION UNION headed by GERMANY and strongly influenced by THE VATICAN!

Watch for this as the present situation in Europe progresses.

Boris Uses Barnier ‘Backstop’ Deception!

Within days lovable fast-talking ‘Boris’ as he is affectionately known by the British public has verbalized what many have suspected of him. After taking charge as Prime Minister, making a few great speeches and giving Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland a large sum of money in order to ‘share the wealth’ more equally around the nation, some say as a bribe to have their government officials agree with what he will do in the weeks ahead.

He has declared the ‘Backstop’ tieing Northern Ireland to EU trade laws definitely unacceptable, and the Thirty Nine Billion Pounds EU departure settlement will not be paid until a new trade deal is reached. In essence saying all the right things, telling the Brexit voters and the British people what they wanted to hear.

He Drops The Clanger In Wales

NOW, within days he slips in the ‘Mucky Fin’ whilst speaking in Wales before arriving in Northern Ireland, he casually talks of leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union “IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF YEARS!”

So, in reality he intends the same deceptive BETRAYAL of Brexit as Theresa May! This was picked up on by Nigel Farage and the audio of the statement played to his large British LBC Radio audience on the same day it was uttered!

Reverse Barnier ‘Backstop’ Phycology

While Measure Barnier the EU chief negotiator created the controversy over the Irish border in order to distract the British people away from the disastrous contents in the FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY PAGE TREATY already signed by former Prime Minister May, Boris is now using his intended dismissal of the Backstop to continue the same distraction in order to have May’s already signed TREATY finally approved by the British Parliament – minus the Backstop whilst hailing “WHAT A GOOD BOY AM I” hoping that the British people will not see through the same Barnier-Boris deception!


A Huge Loss of Character

This leads me to wonder, can someone who was born in New York City in the year the Beatles played the Edd Sullivan Show actually possess the Churchillian spirit? Scripture tells us that ‘all of our great leaders would be taken away’ that the strength of our nation’s character will have been exhausted by now!

He possesses the moral character of our generation with the same conceited ability to lie to the British public and to get away with it, just as Theresa May attempted to do for three years! This, unfortunately, has landed our nation deeper in the proverbial soup, watered-down minestrone as it may be.

We could have had multiple trade deals made around the world in the last three years, and Britain would be prospering as a ‘free port nation’ once again, one of the spectacular benefits which made this ISLAND NATION GREAT! NOW, we need some HONESTY with true strength of CHARACTER and NO MORE SLIGHT OF HAND BY OUR POLITICAL CLASS!!!


Of course it will be easy for Britain to technically leave on the date the Prime Minister has promised, by simply allowing the time to run out. Present British law demands this, but would Britain then be free to deal with the rest of the world. The answer to this according to the signed and sealed British-EU five hundred and fifty page treaty is NO!

THIS Thresa May SIGNED TREATY ratified by the heads of all twenty eight nations will become the greatest bone of contention in the coming years as EU leaders claim that BRITAIN HAS BROKEN THE TREATY leading to war!!!

No More Submissive Black!

On your next visit with our Gracious Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Mr. Johnson, please advise the Queen that it is no longer necessary for her to attend audiences with the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

Over the years I have witnessed these occasions with Her Royal Highness wearing the SUBMISSIVE BLACK commanded by the Vatican! There is NO NEED for the head of the Church of England to submit to the Vatican!

Please inform Her Majesty that she has been ill advised, and that this will be NO LONGER NECESSERY OR DESIRED, that Britain’s Queen and coming King has NO NEED to subject themselves to any further contact with officials of the Church at Rome including those Roman Catholic Clergy advisers in Buckingham Palace.

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