For the first time in world history, the head of the Roman Catholic Church has addressed a joint session of the U.S. Congress.

The popular Pope Francis, the first of the strict Jesuit order to hold the office, has already charmed the faithful and the world with his politically correct strategy on all popular issues, including climate change and tolerance of the gay lifestyle, even as another in the hierarchy of the church in the U.S. was charged with crimes against children.

The election to the Papacy of this Argentinean son of an Italian immigrant railroad worker now firmly ties the 500 million Catholics in the new world to those in Europe. He lived in Germany while achieving his doctorate.

The Pope has suggested that his time as the head of the Church will be short, causing speculation regarding his health. He has only one lung and appeared in a state of exhaustion on his visit to the Holy Land.

Under Papal Influence

We are also watching the creation of a new super power in Europe under the guidance of the Vatican. Prophecies relate to the arrival of an influential Pope who, in an old quest will give a new European leader his support.

This will unite the Catholic world against the mainly Protestant nations of the United States and Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the nations of Western and North Western Europe, who are the descendant nations of ancient Israel migrated from their original homeland.

He will also influence actions against the modern State of Israel.

Over The Past Forty Years

Several indicators suggest that the time of our nation’s corrective punishment may be closing in on us, with the rejection of Judeo-Christian ethics upon which our laws were based, assuring our nation’s freedom and prosperity. In what will prove to be the most costly social experiment in world history, under the deceptive term ‘Social Justice’ and personal freedom, these laws have been abandoned.

Over the past forty years, half of America’s homes have been wrecked by easily obtained divorces and more than forty years ago the Supreme Court legalized abortion, which has allowed almost forty million unborn Americans to perish in the name of ‘a woman’s right to choose.’

This is equal to one sixth of our nations current population! Apart from the moral and spiritual implications this has now reduced our nation’s best-educated work force below the age of forty and has even eroded the nation’s tax based ability to pay social security to future retirees.

The AIDS disease has taken hundreds of thousands of lives in the Western World and even more than this in Africa, as the first Gay Pride parades were allowed to begin in U.S. cities forty years ago.

The U.S. Supreme Court recently made same sex marriage legal by only one vote, with the Chief Justice asking ‘Just who do we think we are’ as the job of the court is to interpret existing law not to make new laws?

Leading The Way

America and Britain, Canada and Australia, have led the way in changing the law on abortion and now on same sex marriage, rejecting the influence of Judeo-Christian ethics which had made our values and our justice system the envy of the world.

We may have reached the breaking point between God and his ‘chosen people,’ as we have now destroyed the family unit as God has designed it!

Surely this is why God calls America and Britain “a hypocritical people” and finally sends “a cruel enemy” against our nation’s. We have defended human rights around the world but have not protected almost forty million of our own unborn in the U.S., plus those in Britain, Canada, and Australia! For more than fifty years London has been known as the abortion capital of Europe!

Is This The One?

Eventually as prophecy points out, the head of the most politically powerful church on earth will call on the coming European dictator for the destruction of our nation’s, sighting our decadence and immorality now shocking the world, even as our visiting government leaders attempt to force other nation’s to change their laws to reflect our departure from Judeo-Christian ethic.

And this, as the exposure of the continued cover up of crimes on mass against children by his own priesthood continues!

Is this the Pope who will fulfill many Bible prophecies written against America and the British descended peoples as well as the modern state of Israel?

Given the reports on his health and his own statement indicating a short term in office, he may not be the final head of the Catholic Church, although he displays the political strength required to bring the Catholic world against America and Britain.

Europe is still in the early stages of integrating their military now under German control, with the command center for all European forces headquartered in Germany!

The Reference To 666

When the Apostle John referred to 666 in Revelation 13:18 it was not meant to be a mystery, the area was under Roman rule. ‘Roman’ in Greek numerals total 666. Also, the Papal name ‘Vicar of Christ’ in Greek numerals total 666.

The ‘mark’ which was enforced by the Roman government was and is the observance of Sunday, the day on which all under Roman rule were forced to worship. This was again made law in the early stages of the European Common Market but has not yet been enforced as the day of rest!

To find the one true church founded by Jesus Christ at its Jerusalem headquarters, see ‘The Amazing 2000 Year History Of The True Church Of God’ and to learn how the day kept by Christ and the Apostles was changed by the Church at Rome, see ‘The Sabbath Of The New Testament’ also ‘The Truth About Sunday Worship.’

To more fully understand the tremendous influence the Papacy will have on coming world events see ‘The Mark And 666.’

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