It is hard to believe that the wealth of Great Britain has been reduced to this, with the huge British national debt now reaching uncontrollable proportions, having doubled over an eight year period!

When all promised social programs are added the debt reaches nine times the nations total annual earnings, equaling that of the German Weimar Republic at the time of its financial collapse!

The Greek debt is three to four times their debt to GDP ratio.

There has been little reporting so far of the British tragedy because interest payments have been made on time, but with extremely low-interest rates on the debt now about to rise, the tragedy may soon be exposed!

Interest paid per anum now equally the expenditure of funds allotted to pay Britain’s entire defense budget or more than the cost of paying for Britons national health!

See the shocking videos on The Great British Debt Crisis! on Page 3 of the America and Britain’s Future Video Library.

Mr. Cameron’s Failure

While former Prime Minister Cameron had achieved his political objective of being re-elected as Prime Minister for a second term, calling his win “the sweetest victory of all” he was forced to allow the Brexit referendum.

He has since resigned following the Brexit voter’s success in winning British freedom from the rule of the European Parliament!

In a televised debate before the Brexit vote, Nigel Farage the father of Brexit and Daniel Hannan a British representative to the E.U. parliament, spoke so eloquently for the need to regain British sovereignty that nine percent of the fifteen percent previously undecided audience, helped win the vote to leave Europe by just one percent in that debate. The margin of victory was around five percent on voting day.

I lived in the town of Witney, Oxfordshire during the nineteen seventies, where Mr. Cameron and his wife cast their votes in his elections, I also lived in Kent, known as the garden of England where Nigel Farage, of the U.K. Independence Party resides.

Britain Kept Out!

For years French president Charles de Gaulle refused Britain membership in the European Common Market, then because Britain joined several years later, they were forced to make concessions to obtain entry and pay fifty million pounds each day, more than ten billion pounds a year as their membership contribution.

In the Euro currency crisis, Britain was also forced by the German Chancellor to make loans totaling fifty billion pounds to the International Monetary Fund, this went to back the Euro and caused Britain to increase its huge national debt by billions.

In common with Americans, only one-third of the British people usually exercise their right to vote. But this number was increased by millions in the Brexit vote just as in the U.S. election which brought Donald Trump to the White House.

The British displayed their unhappiness with their government representatives who have failed to defend Britain against growing European political influence in their daily lives with seventy percent of Britain’s laws written by the European Commission.

There are also three hundred and fifty thousand mainly impoverished Eastern European immigrants pouring into Britain’s already overcrowded island each year, increasing immigration levels from the previous thirty thousand annually. It has become impossible to house and provide for these people!

Hoping To Control Germany

One good reason for the original British entry into the European Economic Community was to control German influence.

Seventy years after the end of World War Two and forty years after British entry, because of the size of the German economy and huge surplus trade balance, Germany is now in economic and political control of the five hundred million population of the new SINGLE NATION EUROPE.

Going To Germany

The power of Germany was displayed in the fact that Britain could not deal directly with the European Parliament in the negotiations for a better deal, but was forced to deal with the German Chancellor to renegotiate the terms of future Britain’s membership!

The Chancellor obviously would have liked the fifty million pounds British daily membership contribution to continue. And have their additional support for the Euro through the IMF as well as Britain’s share of the Value Added Tax which pays for the running of the European Union, including the salaries of the Government members.

But as Lord Brittan – and there is one- has pointed previously out, “if the British people vote to dissolve their ties with Europe there is NO GUARANTEE the European Union will want to continue trading as usual, with Britain no longer carrying any of the cost of E.U. membership.” Many of the European Parliament (MEP’s) already express their resentment of their British European Parliament Member counterparts.

The Scottish Independence party leader was asking for a second referendum in order to determine the will of the Scottish, Welsh and possibly Northern Irish populations, seeing the possibility of Scotland finally achieving independence from Britain but remaining within the European Union.

German Treachery To Come!

The European Parliament and the soon coming new German Chancellor may eventually decide to BAN ALL TRADE with Britain when they leave, this would immediately cut off forty percent of British exports, wrecking the British economy and could include Europe CUTTING OFF 50% OF BRITAINS DAILY FOOD SUPPLY to the sixty-five million British population!

Forty years ago much of Britain’s food was procured from the British Commonwealth of nations and insured delivery by the might of the British Navy until entry into the European Common Market when they were forced to discontinue buying from Australia and New Zealand and other Commonwealth nations as part of Britain’s terms of membership.

Prophecy Foretells

Prophecy allows us to understand that eventually a German leader will turn against the British, dealing with extreme treachery and finally unleashing a nuclear or other modern weapons attack and military invasion of Britain, believe it or not, perhaps for their rejection of German influence and their rejection of required loyalty to the control of the powerful ‘One Nation European Government’ and the soon coming European dictator.

Hear the comments made by several Members of the British Parliament and British Members of the European Parliament, found on Pages 1 and 2 of the America And Britains Future Free Video Library.

Learn how the European Parliament has been denied real democratic powers under the control of the non-elected European Commission and the German Chancellor, now working to form a ‘One Nation European Military’ to rival that of the U.S!

See the shocking videos on The Great British Debt Crisis! on Page 3 of the America and Britain’s Future Video Library.

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