The One Thousand Years of World Peace is drawing ever closer, in our lifetime, even as we see the time of America and Britain’s troubles growing ever more treacherous, as a visible division is created between Germany, and the U.S. and Britain as the British attempt to extricate themselves from forty-seven years of EUROPEAN CONTROL. 

In his 2017 speech to the U.N., President Trump spoke out for the freedom of individual Nation States and for FAIR TRADE around the world, rather than the formation of large trade blocks making exclusive trade agreements, then imposing their will on any nation who will not bend to their control. Clearly referring to the government of the European Union. 

In The European Parliament

In mid-October of 2017, the European Parliament’s Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofsted, A MAN TO WATCH presented an additional list of demands for British compliance and had these easily approved by a two-thirds vote of the seven hundred and fifty member Parliament, making it even more difficult for Britain to leave.

The vote was interesting, because those voting against the Verhofsted proposals are those representing the next nations to attempt to leave the E.U., namely the Protestant North-Western European nations who also oppose the dominance of the growing European dictatorship, now waiting for the prophesied European dictator to appear!. 

In speeches former Prime Minister Mrs. May had shown herself to be a very weak Prime Minister praising practically everything about the present arrangement Britain had with the E.U. After all, she was a REMAIN advocate (and still is), and so more demands have been added to the long list! 

Two-thirds of both major political parties in the British Parliament were against Britain leaving the E.U. Single Market and many of these MP’s worked to overturn the wishes of the majority vote to restore British Sovereignty!

Guy Verhomsted Writes Another Book

Guy Verhfsted was in the process of writing a book on the building of the new European Military-to be fully integrated with the German Armed Forces by twenty twenty-five, according to the State of ‘The European Union’ speech by the then European Commission President Jean-Claud Junker, who was selected for the position by the German Chancellor no less.

Germany is now totally in charge of the government of the entire European Continent and now wants Nuclear Weapons as well as a European Army. NINE core nations offered to integrate their forces, this then grew to twenty three of the remaining twenty seven nations and will acquire the ability to destroy American and British cities according to Bible prophecy!

Even If They Acquiesce

For FORTY SEVEN YEARS  British industry has depended on exports to Europe, if Brexit goes wrong it may completely wreck the British economy as they are now FORTY-TWO PERCENT DEPENDENT on British exports to Europe and are THIRTY PERCENT dependent on the import of daily FOOD SUPPLIES from EUROPE to feed Britain’s sixty-two million people!

If Britain does acquiesce to Europe’s financial and continued migration demands in order to be allowed to continue trading with Europe then there is still the demand that Spain is satisfied with the Rock of Gibraltar arrangement, with a possible DEMAND that this is returned to the government of Spain otherwise the deal is off, this may be coming! 

The ROCK is something the timid Mrs. May said she is prepared to go to WAR over! Remember it was Mrs. Thatcher who took Britain to war over the invasion of the tiny Falkland Islands! 

Funny them Brits, they will give away an Empire and billions of British Pounds but will not give up two tiny locations upon which ninety percent of residents vote to remain British! 

Perhaps this is why God calls Ephraim – the British people –  ‘The apple of His eye.’

See the short ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy‘ on Page 1 of the Free Library. You will be surprised with the contents of this thirty minute read!

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