Then we have these two little men, the first was an old friend of Mr. Meredith’s who was reported to have freely informed everyone that ‘he had been buying I B M Stock with ‘GODS ACCESS TITHE’ as I B M STOCK was a good investment and a safe place to keep it’ perhaps quoting the parable of the talents! I don’t know?

So, perhaps Mr. Ritenbau would please show us how much of GODS HOLY TITHE he has sitting in these and other stocks by displaying the ‘Church Of The Great God’s Annual Financial Reports’ on the churches website together with all other information requested in the BY FORMAL REQUEST ARTICLE?

Making this available for member and public scrutiny is a legal requirement in order to maintain your Tax Exempt status. Thank You, Mr. Ritenbau.


The Church Gossip Columnist

And then we come to another little man who was known as the Church Gossip columnist, having the scoop on every situation going on in the Global-LCG Church years ago.

He first came to attention as Mr. Meredith fed him occasional information which he wanted the Church community to know, and within a short while this guy was acting as the official Meredith Church leaker!

I remember him arriving at the Rancho Bernardo Headquarters on the occasional Sabbath. But unfortunately for him, there was a parting of the ways.

But upon Mr. Meredith’s death, this little m a n jumped up and in his writings began claiming the Meredith Mantle as his successor! And established a church known as ‘The Continuing Church Of God.’

His church is mentioned here because he has gone around the world legally setting up a list of Non-Profits shown on his Website.

This is considered legal but it is also AMAZING that this man would be attempting to collect as much of God’s Tithe MONEY as possible from every region of the world?

He pays for no Radio or Television time that I can find, of course there is the inexpensive Internet which others use.

So, please display all of the requested Annual General Report information so your international Tithe payers can see how much of their tithes you are spending on yourself. Thank you.

So Where Does This Money Go?


Each Church Member should be asking WHY NOT POST THESE?

The answer is obvious. They do not want you to see what I am telling you is true.

You need to know if most of this Tithe money is going straight into the pockets of these men in salaries and paid expenses.



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