The Swedish Parliament followed by the French recently gave their approval to a Palestinian State, this was followed by British support. The failure of the Arab Leagues recent proposal presented to the U.N. to have the old city of Jerusalem become Palestine’s capital by 2016 was considered an attempt to make a bad situation worse at this time. Israel received U.S. support to have the proposal denied in the hope that direct negotiations will eventually reach a settlement.

Israel’s Prime Minister and former Defense Minister came to the U.S. in 2010 to voice their willingness to negotiated, “even if it takes painful decisions to get rid of this problem forever. It is clearly time to make a decision between politics and history, nothing is beyond human capacity to solve,” Ehud Barak former Israeli Defense Minister. As former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Perez stated recently “an agreement should be made through direct negotiations and not by an imposition.”

There has been a proposal allowing Israel greater access to European markets with perhaps associate membership in the E.U. and allowing Jerusalem to become the Capital of both States with an Israeli and a Palestinian Mayor and Vatican mediation between the two. The Vatican already has received control of most Christian sites and has recently been given land to build a facility which may become a second Vatican in Jerusalem.

European-Vatican takeover!

In mid 2014 the head of the Roman Catholic Church on a visit to Israel summoned the Prime Ministers of both sides to Rome for meetings and prayers. Both attended, this may be an indicator of what is ahead. The Vatican will be instrumental in making the agreement and in mediating between the two sides but Papal involvement will prove treacherous to the independence of Israel!

Beyond obtaining Palestinian recognition of the Jewish State, the sticking point will be over who controls Jerusalem. The Palestinians demand the Old City as their capital, Israel claims Jerusalem as their perpetual capital. Handing over the Old City to allow future attacks on Israel would be the last straw in losing Israel’s security. Prophecy indicates European-Vatican involvement, with European troops on the ground in Jerusalem, becoming occupiers! Zechariah 14:2 is a DUAL prophecy relating to Jerusalem at this time, which says “HALF the City shall be taken” (controlled by E.U.-U.N. German forces.)
The Vatican will also want access to the Temple Mount, which will become an issue for all religions to have the right to worship there! Prophecy indicates a re-location of the Papacy from Rome to Jerusalem shortly before Christ’s return! To learn what lies ahead and how this will greatly affect ALL nations, be sure to study the short ‘Middle East in Prophecy’ and ‘Germany in Prophecy’ also ‘World Peace: How It Will Come’ on Page 1 of the America And Britain’s Future Free Library.

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