Today the United States borrows ONE MILLION DOLLARS PER MINUTE, nearing TWO BILLION PER DAY! Not from China as believed by most, but from the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, which creates money on demand to fund the nation’s liabilities and to supply the nation’s addiction to debt!

For every tax dollar collected an additional dollar is created, adding to the current TWENTY TRILLION DEBT, which will never be repaid!

The traumatic effects of the staggering U.S. and British national debts have not yet been felt, but the example of the months of a frozen economy during the mortgage crisis gives us a good insight into what WILL exist over a very long period of time in both our nation’s.

IF we can bear to look at it?

Most middle-class Americans became aware of their new car loan being delayed or denied, their new home mortgage denied. By the end of the crisis, all segments of American society from billionaires to the middle-class had lost one-third of their personal wealth as home values were cut in half and multiple millions of homes headed for foreclosure with up to nine million jobs lost.

Seven years later, five million foreclosures are still in progress and millions still out of work.

Next time, the U.S. and British economies could remain in a state of permanent depression in the same way the British economy stagnated for almost two decades during the sixties and seventies, in a state known as ‘STAG-FLATION.’ Britain became known as ‘The Sick Man of Europe’ as an experiment in socialism was carried out. By the end of this, the British government was forced to pay FIFTEEN PERCENT interest on borrowed money!

With Britain now departing the E.U. but still dependant on Europe to take a whopping ‘FORTY TWO PERCENT’ of its manufactured product while searching for other markets, the nation is being warned of a traumatic transition ahead!

One Third Of U.S. Industry Lost!

Today, 75% of all world industrial investment takes place outside of the U.S., even though American workers remain the most productive in the world.

Two-thirds of the U.S. economy is now service related. One-Third of all U.S. industry has ‘LEFT THE COUNTRY’ since the mid-nineties, with only eleven million Americans now employed in industrial production. Never in world history has such a sudden loss of industry occurred, except perhaps in Britain.

Only 20% of U.S. manufactured product is sold overseas! Higher U.S. wages help make U.S. goods 20% more expensive given current trading terms with many low wage nations. American industrial exports are mainly high-quality goods, and grain.

The U.S. national debt now stands at a reported $20 TRILLION DOLLAR. This figure quadruples when promised future entitlements are added! NO nation in world history has ever survived such indebtedness without an economic collapse!

The stock market is presently being propped up by banks accepting more government financing, providing this as loans at 2% to stock market investors. At the suggestion of a half point increase in interest rates, the stock market begins to drop.

A one percent rise in bank rate causes a six percent increase cost or risk to market investors! See the informative videos on Page 4 and Page 5 of the America And Britains Future Free Video Library. The U.S. and Britain, as well as the rest of the world need to prepare for harder times ahead!

The Tremendous Size of The American Economy

It is important to grasp the size of the U.S. economy. Even in its weakened state before the mortgage crisis, the Gross Domestic Product at 19 Trillion was slightly smaller than the Chinese, Japanese and German economies combined, 5 to 9 trillion dollars respectively. However, G.D.P. has fallen in the U.S. and may be closer to 12 Trillion, with the debt ratio climbing even higher!

The European and Japanese standards of living have always been lower than the fifty percent of the America middle class, the largest middle class of any nation by far. Even America’s poor are twice as well off as the poor in most developed nations, with the U.S. poverty level now set at $20,000. Most Chinese still live in poverty with a combined family income of only $2,000 a year!

What Has America And Britain Done To Lose Their Wealth?

Believe it or not our nations departure from Judeo-Christian ethics with a fifty percent divorce rate, almost forty million abortions performed in the last forty years in the U.S., and London, England, has been Europe’s abortion capital over many decades.

The world is awash in American produced pornography and forty years of America’s cities turning out for the annual gay parade, the U.S. Supreme Court making same sex marriage the law of the land, has caused our blessing of prosperity to be removed.

Our old World War’s One and Two ENEMY, is now in political and economic control of Europe and has begun to form nine European nations into a European Armed-Forces with its control centre in GERMANY, they are building long range rockets and are now demanding Nuclear weapons.

It is just a matter of time before GERMANY strikes our nations with a nuclear weapons attack if we do nor QUICKLY CHANGE OUR WAYS!

Prophecy determines that this WILL most certainly happen, as God uses Germany as His disciplinarian against his chosen people as he holds our nations to a higher standard!

See ‘Germany In Prophecy’ on Page 1 of America And Britains Future Free Library.

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