Much has been made of Russian hacking of the DNC during the 2016 U.S. elections. Hilary Clinton claims this was done to weaken her chances of winning because as Secretary of State she had complained when Mr. Putin took unfair advantage in past Russian elections. The Russian interference resulted in the expulsion of diplomats and the closure of diplomatic facilities in the U.S. 

Nothing has been mentioned regarding the head of the Vatican States involvement during the U.S. election when he openly attacked Donald Trump by name and condemned his policies. In doing so he signaled to the seventy-two million Roman Catholics in America not to vote for this Protestant candidate, working to influence American voters and the outcome of the election!

This interference in the election of the next president of the United States was no doubt done to favor the several Roman Catholics contending for the nomination, running against the leading Republican candidate.

Why The Catholic Dis-proportion At The Top of U.S Government?

In twenty sixteen they held three of the four highest government offices and many more of the top positions in the land, including the Vice-Presidency, the Secretary of State, and the last two Speaker of the House positions. Before Speaker Boehner retired he stated that he “had worked for the past twenty years to have the Pope address the U.S. Congress,” and retired the following week, mission accomplished.

In 2020 six of the nine Supreme Court judges Roman Catholic. The FBI and CIA, as well as Homeland Security leadership positions were also under Roman Catholic control. Applause from the Vatican.

According to the Jesuit colleges in the U.S., there were FORTY-EIGHT graduates of Jesuit colleges serving as lawmakers in the 2015 congress. In fact, thirty-one percent of the 114th Congress identified as Catholic compared to twenty-two percent of the population, the number of Protestant representatives has dropped eighteen percent since the nineteen sixties.

Catholic Media Involvement

The Catholic Church has spent MILLIONS on building TV facilities and a Jesuit Training School, turning out staff and technicians, many reportedly employed by the Murdock Networks, the largest media owners in the world. The Catholic Church now has its own network here in the U.S. and around the world as well as a strong internet presence, used to encourage voting for President and Vice President and in local elections.

A brief study of today’s Jesuit media involvement in American Politics and of the Jesuits throughout history, shows a much more sinister reality in the churches attempt to control the government of these United States! 

The Jesuit priesthood has been regarded as the most extreme and feared order in the Catholic Church, their involvement in the Spanish inquisition is recorded in history, and their secrecy in training men to become embedded in Protestant church ministries and in the political system of nations, including predominantly Protestant nations in order to undermine and eventually take political control has a long history.

Even as the present first Jesuit Pope was chosen, he told the Cardinals who elected him that “they may live to regret their choice” and it is reported that because of his heavy handed treatment of some, many in the Vatican would be glad to see him gone.

A new head of the Jesuit Order has recently been installed, known as the Black Pope, and for the first time in the history of the Church there are two Jesuit Popes, with the Jesuit Pope here in the U.S., and very much involved in the work of the Jesuits in the U. S.

Wayward Daughter Nations

With the Protestant Reformation, and with the loss of Britain and the expanding British Empire including Canada, Australia and New Zealand and the emerging Protestant America, it became the undying aim over all other goals of the Roman Catholic church hierarchy at the Vatican to one day take back control of what they call ‘their wayward daughter nations.’

Throughout American history, the danger of allowing the Catholic Church into the mainstream of American life was recognized. At the time of the War of Independence, it was recorded that there were only two or three Catholic priests in the colonies. By the time of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln was reported to have said ‘If the Southern Generals knew the inroads which the Jesuits had made in the nation, they would end the war and turn their attention to fighting the Jesuits.’

The great institutions of learning built by the Protestant churches in America went to the scriptures to point out the reality of the ‘great whore church,’ which had made itself rich by controlling the nations, using its ambassadors around the world to their political and financial advantage. 

It has been reported that the only Protestant area still standing against Jesuit infiltration is America’s Bible belt, and the saturation of the area with Roman Catholics from across the border is supposed to give them the victory through population growth and intermarriage. This is a very good reason for the Pope’s condemnation of the construction of a wall at the border. 

Fair And Balanced?

The secularization of the nation has led to a biased press focusing its attention on candidates espousing traditional Judeo-Christian values, but during the year of television interviews and months of presidential debates, an even stranger phenomenon was seen to emerge. Even the top-rated conservative cable news network in the country, calling itself ‘fair and balanced’ was against the Protestant candidate who won. 

The organization’s top presenter for sixteen years, a Roman Catholic, launched several attacks on Mr. Trump, not just to test his positions on the issues, but was attempting to destroy the candidate in several live interviews, to the point where he was asked what his motives were. In the opening moments of the first Republican debate, this was again attempted by the same organization’s top female personality, also a Catholic.

The network’s owner, the most powerful news services controller in the world, also made it known that he was against Mr. Trump.

An Email released by WikiLeaks revealed how the owner was being mocked for having his children baptized into the Catholic Church. An indication of how important this would be in their adult lives, in their present roles of helping their father in purchasing and operating media outlets in Europe and the Catholic world of one billion souls.

All three leading shows on the network were headed by Roman Catholics during the election, as well as many who appear daily, all of whom would perhaps appreciate a “well done my son, or well done my child” coming from their Catholic priest in the confessional, rather than having the top rating of the evening or the approval of the conservative candidates supporters, as each took the opportunity to help destroy the Protestant front-runner. This continued until he refused to go on the network at one point. 

This scenario may seem an archaic and unreal hypothesis in the twenty-first century, until considering the so far unashamed long-term goal of the Vatican States leaders, who continue to follow their archaic goal of Vatican domination of ALL of Christendom!

‘Submissive Black’

The then First Lady, Laura Bush was chastised by a Catholic church official for not wearing the appropriate attire as she accompanied her husband the President when meeting the Pope.

Similar instruction in the protocol is being obeyed by the Queen of England, who is the head of the Church of England, wearing ‘Submissive Black’ when appearing before the Pope, who is of course dressed in WHITE displaying the purity of his office!

It is in such ways that this lack of subtlety ‘in the training of the traditions of the church’ is being thrust upon the leadership of the two greatest predominantly Protestant democracies at this time. 

Always Half Truth

The name chosen by the railroad workers’ son from Argentina was not taken from St. Francis the bird lover as the world has been led to believe, but from honest disclosure this was the name of one of the feared Jesuit Orders founders.

It is also of interest to note that the flag of the European Union on every European passport, including that of Great Britain for now, was not taken from the circle of thirteen stars which represented the original thirteen colonies of the United States, as was first suggested in the move to unite all European nations, but was taken from the circle of stars seen around the head of the Virgin Mary, recently made an equal to Jesus Christ in Catholic teaching.

A short study of many of the practices introduced into the Catholic church over the centuries, and observed by the Protestant world today, are not taken from the Bible or from the practices of the long-established true church of God at Jerusalem founded by Jesus Christ and the apostles, but are taken from the pre-Christian world in celebration of fertility, with eggs and rabbits and from the worship of the SUN, rather than the true worship of God and in recognition of the real Jesus Christ. 

The Dream of Total Control May Be Slipping Away?

The reversal of their supposed on schedule takeover of their Protestant ‘wayward daughter nations’ may soon become an embarrassment to the Vatican leadership. 

With the pending departure of the still Protestant Great Britain from the mainly Catholic European Union and a future withdrawal of Protestant North Western Europe, and even the larger more Catholic Holland and France, and with the election of President Trump, who waved his Protestant Bible and shouted “I’m a Presbyterian, I’m a Presbyterian” during the election, the dream of total Catholic control may be slipping away.

If they lose control of the Protestant nations of Europe began by Brexit and their dream of taking the U.S. Presidency and key leadership positions in the government in the new administration, what will the new approach of the Vatican leadership be to gain the upper hand in order to obtain a final victory in this centuries-old struggle to rule ALL of the Christian world? 

Why of course! They will resort to the age-old tradition of the church at Rome, which was first given its power over the religion of the entire Roman Empire by none other than Emperor Constantine. They will take total control by the use of MILITARY FORCE against all opposition to Roman Catholic rule in order to take back what they see as rightfully theirs on the European continent and abroad. 

How Possible In the 21st Century?

By the use of the sword, held steadily by Germany throughout the ages after the fall of the Roman Empire, and now once again in total economic, political, and growing military control of what will remain of the European Union combine of nations.

According to Bible prophecy, there will be ten militarized nations remaining after all the Protestant-original descendant nations of ancient Israel who settled in Western and North Western Europe-attempt to separate themselves from the final resurrection of the old ‘Holy Roman Empire of the German people.’ 

And today Germany is right now building long-range rockets in the European Space Project, and Germany is prepared to pay for NUCLEAR WEAPONS which WILL be used to take back ‘these Protestant wayward daughter nations’ to finally end their rebellion, in order to please the Vatican and to finally give Germany world domination!

Believe it or not, this is exactly how the Papal leadership at the Vatican will decide to deal with America and Britain and the coming Strong Man President of EUROPE will obey.

The Vatican State will lend its diplomatic support to the growing military might of the GERMANY led single nation EUROPE, by using its political and spiritual control over the members of the European Parliament controlling five hundred million European’s, and over the five hundred million Catholic population of the South American nations.

The Vatican will call for the defeat and military occupation, and domination over the Protestant nations of North America, Britain, Western and North Western Europe as well as the State of Israel! Prophecy indicates that these nations will go into a three and one-half year national captivity at that time.

This victory will be short-lived however, when out of total frustration with constant Vatican demands the coming ‘European Fuhrer’ will turn his nuclear weapons on Rome while the head of that ‘great false church’ sits in the Temple in Jerusalem, before the German-Vatican alliance is defeated and replaced by true Christianity upon Christ’s return!

For more details see ‘The Mark And 666’ on Page 2, and ‘Germany in Prophecy’ on Page 1 of the America And Britain’s Future Free Library.

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