I have been concentrating on the British ‘Brexit’ debacle, the urgency of Britain’s struggle to FREE ITSELF from German-Vatican control over ALL European nations, and because of this have neglected to comment on events in the U.S.

Well, ELECTION YEAR is rolling around and ANY way to bring down the President seems fair play-Mr. President-get a dog!

After the Russia hoax failure to destroy him, now the Joe Biden Families Ukraine financial dealings cover -up to protect the Democrats front runner is in full swing with an “Impeach the President” smoke screen enquiry which will feed the liberal press for months and will not receive the votes to succeed, and of course they know this but what a fire storm the media are creating!

The BIG Mistake

The big mistake made early on in our democracies founding, was the decision to create POLITICAL PARTIES – AGAINST THE WARNING FROM GEORGE WASHINGTON -N O T TO DO SO- has destroyed the democratic process in AMERICA and BRITAIN and the rest of the world with our HOUSES DIVIDED AGAINST THEMSELVES!!! Now we live with total stalemate!!!

The ‘People’s Business’ was being done quite efficiently by their states representatives before the error of forming parties occurred, the fact that there were NONE in the very early days has been long forgotten. The fact that our governments could and would function EFFICIENTLY WITHOUT POLITICAL PARTIES SEEMS UNTHINKABLE? So, it’s not too late? But it is too late.

What I Found Here

When I first came to Canada and then the United States over forty years ago, I was impressed by the clean-cut appearance and work ethic of Canadian and American middle-class youth busily achieving an education and at the same time earning income in many of the more menial task part-time minimum wage jobs available to them. The sense of ‘decency about earning a living’ which was deeply instilled in me and in these generations has always impressed me, and this still exists in the American and Canadian people of today, the most productive workforce per individual in the world!

But, unfortunately, this image of British and American culture has been greatly tarnished by the upheaval in family life in the last forty years with both parents working and with a fifty percent divorce rate destroying our families, and by the extensive drug usage of our young and old alike. In 2018 drug death actually reversed the life expectancy rate in the US!!!

So called ‘woman’s liberation’ has led to an almost one million a year abortion rate in the US!!! Never in world history has a nation killed its unborn at such a rate, A TOTAL SHAME AND DISGRACE TO AMERICA and BRITAIN and to CANADA and to AUSTRALIA and to the rest of our related nations in Western and North-Western Europe!!!

This example has been followed by other nations together with the rest of our bad behavior being exported around the world the VERY OPPOSITE TO THE EXAMPLE GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE SHOULD BE SETTING THE WORLD!!!


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