Hello Paul Hogan in Australia or LA (a good Irish name there) I hear Australia is crying out for another Crocodile Dundee movie, and so am I Crocodile Mick! Come on mate you can do it!

And also while we’re talking movies lets have another Austin ‘danger’ Powers from that Canadian son of a Liverpool, Englishman Mike Myers!

It’s about time for a good laugh, don’t ya think World?

Of course, we will need to build Drive-In Movie Theaters to see these new movies! I went to my first ‘Drive-In’ in Geelong, Victoria, Australia as a kid, and really enjoyed the whole experience.

Fixing that speaker on the car window, that sounded a little bit like a tin can! Then searching for our car in the dark, after a visit to the concessions stand. Let’s do that again!

The owner of the first Drive-In Movie Theater in America advertised by saying "Bring Your Kids, They Can Be As Noisy As They Like" and had instant success!!!

Oh, and by the way Mick, can you send Wall the Walkabout Creek councilor over here? I think America needs him right now.

Remember, everybody tells their problems to Wall, Wall tells everyone else in town and no more problem America! What a bloody good idea that sounds like!


Come On Eddie Murphy Make Us Laugh Again!

Have Eddie make a new movie Hollywood, we haven’t had a laugh from him lately?

America is a great Country for ALL of the only seven percent of the worlds population lucky enough to live here.

Even the poorest American lives better than most other people around the world with the poverty level now set at twenty-thousand dollars a year per person!

Let’s be thankful for that and for the freedoms we enjoy under the law.

A tragedy occurs and the perpetrator is brought to justice and punished for the crime. The dead will be resurrected to live again in a much more peaceful world.

Lets look forward to that!


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