Now that we have a President who has told the voting public that we can Make America Great Again, the nation watches and waits for “the business of America is business,” philosophy to be returned to our nation.

When Ronald Reagan made his successful run for the White House he mentioned his ambition was to ‘Make America Great Again.’ It was believed at the time that an actor would have no chance of success especially espousing conservative principals, but the voting public fearing for the welfare of the nation and in need of jobs with high inflation and a weak President, gave Reagan the Presidency in a landslide victory!

In the 2016 race, both nominees ran with 62% un-likeability ratings and many wondered why these were the only choices the American people had to lead the nation through troubled times. Fearing the continued slide into more than the almost TWENTY TRILLION dollar debt, now nearing THIRTY) and further additional loss of jobs, and with more than one hundred million receiving government handouts, almost the same number as those working, the often silent majority voted this time.

Has Democracy Always Functioned This Way?

It was George Washington no less who WARNED against the formation of political parties, no doubt visualizing the further divisiveness such a phenomenon would bring. But by the 1790’s the first party was formed by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, known as the ‘Anti-Administration Party,’ many of the founding fathers were shocked but believed this to be something which would be used on a temporary basis to argue a particular issue. The first election to have candidates belonging to political parties to run at the local, state and national levels was in 1896.

The purpose of sending state’s representatives to the nation’s capital was and is ‘to do the peoples business.’ Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Monroe would be dismayed to see the results of ‘a house divided against its self,’ causing stalemate for a generation in U.S. politics because of the formation of political parties!

Many believe the process of electing public servants has never been so flawed as in this generation but is this necessarily so?

Even in ‘Honest Abes’ election to the Presidency when the fight for a candidate was taken to the convention floor, forged tickets were issued with Lincoln’s supporters arriving early to take valuable seating away from those who would oppose him!

When he still did not have enough delegates to win the nomination a promise was made to one of his most despised rivals granting him a key position in the administration in exchange for delegates votes which put Lincoln over the top, giving him the nomination.

But this was not the end of Lincoln’s problems before becoming President. He was warned of an assassination plot in order to stop him reaching Washington DC for his inauguration and reportedly was persuaded to take the train ride supposedly dressed as a woman in order to evade a group of potential assassins sent to kill him. He was inaugurated on March 4th. 1861 and the rest of the story fills the history books.

Did The British Do It Better?

Meanwhile, in the British form of democratic government, established throughout seventy or more countries around the world, several political parties can make up the leadership and opposition to the ruling government, with coalitions being formed in order to achieve the necessary ruling majority.

Britain’s form of democracy gives the party in power the authority to replace the nation’s leader, the Prime Minister, something which cannot be achieved in the U.S. except by the impeachment process. Britain’s Second World War leader Sir Winston Churchill called democracy “the most cumbersome form of government, but perhaps the safest.”

This is mainly because the people at least have a say on voting day, and because our government process proceeds at a snail’s pace which causes much frustration, but hopefully reduces the threat of a someone becoming a dictator and leading the nation to war or to financial destruction simply by the power of the office.

I lived in the British Isles during the creation of Britain’s ‘rust belt’ with millions of jobs being shipped overseas and with multiple factory closures being announced on the nightly news. With promises of a brighter future leading up to election day, only to be followed in a few short months by “tighten your belts” speeches and announcements of even higher taxes as the nation sank deeper in debt, this permanently discredited consecutive British governments. When the long socialist experiment ended, only a small number of jobs were returned to the British Isles back then.

Is There A Better Form Of Government?

Is democracy God’s true form of government? The answer to this is no it is not. God’s form of government is from the top down not from the bottom up. History shows that mans form of government whether by Emperors or by Kings has been forms of dictatorship’s either noble or otherwise and as such have proven not to last. Will we soon be given a new government system to replace what Sir Winston Churchill described as the best but “the most cumbersome form of government” ever invented by man?

A Scottish philosopher once wrote that the democratic form of government would last only as long as it took the voting population to realize that they could vote themselves a free ride, to put it in modern terms. It seems that day has now come in America, Britain, Canada and Australia, with our nations shouldering overwhelming massive debts which will never be repaid in order to service legally binding approved entitlements and social welfare programs, with promises of more of the same.

The U.S. debt is now increasing at more than two BILLION dollars per day! For every dollar collected in taxes collected a dollar is borrowed to make promised payments!

Government: The Big Crisis!

Make no mistake the BIG problem in our age is government, as it has been since the nations took it upon themselves to create their own forms of government.

To understand why it has taken so long to reach this crisis point in the democratic form of government and to learn God’s timetable to begin dealing with the national and global government crisis, see ‘God’s 7,000 Year Plan’ on Page 2 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

Upon the collapse of ALL forms of this tired old world’s best attempts to provide a good life for its citizens without following God’s instruction book, we will need the intervention of a very real God, who is closely watching our attempts to rule ourselves without following His laws and without His help.

God’s form of government can be easily understood and looked forward to by those who really want a perfect form of government for the U.S., Britain and ALL nations.

See this outlined in The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like‘ to learn of the coming ‘from the top down’ form of government soon to be installed over ALL nations, bringing world peace, prosperity and true happiness to a world now racing toward final financial destruction and an all life destroying nuclear world war if not taken control of by a loving God who really does exist.

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