Are most Americans and British aware of what space based weaponry is? The ability to carry nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction into space, then to achieve re-entry of multiple warheads from orbit less than 200 miles above U.S. and British major population centers without warning and with no place to hide.

This requires little nuclear buildup, no long drawn out period of silo building, testing generations of rockets, only the ability and the will to carry this out, in the not too distant future! Prophecy states that Germany will begin a THIRD WAR, against America and Britain. At the outset, of which they will destroy our major cities and military installations rendering it impossible to defend our nations! See this in Ch. 7 of ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’ on Library Page 1.

Long ago the ancestors of the Germans, ‘Men Of War,’ so called by the Romans, were appointed as ancient Israel’s disciplinarians. “The rod of my anger,” Isa. 10: 5,6. Asshur, formed the Assyrian empire taking Israel into captivity, removing them from their land. Later the descendants of Asshur, from which the name ‘Deutsch’ is derived, migrated to central Europe, the Syrian part remains in the Middle East.

Germany has fulfilled this dubious task of exacting punishment on all modern day descendant nations of ancient Israel, now located in the U.S., Britain, and the nations of western and north western Europe. Today Germany once again DOMINATES Europe economically and politically, and has already developed the Arian rocket, launching several tons of payload into orbit from their base in South America and with a huge budget has created the European Space Project, building LONG RANGE rockets which will easily reach American cities!

Germany now hosts an annual gathering of MILITARY COMPUTER EXPERTS from around the world, and the creation of a ONE NATION EUROPEAN ARMY is being coordinated in Europe with the military COMMAND CENTRE on German soil!

Japan And Others Also Building Rockets

The Japanese H2A rocket is presently launching a 7 ton payload into orbit. Both our World War Two enemies have achieved the ability to place weapons in space with U.S. forces still remaining in Germany and Japan! In addition, Europe, Japan, India and China are all now building rockets, powerful enough to – supposedly reach the moon – or the U.S., within ten years! See ‘Germany In Prophecy’, Library Page 1.

China’s rise to industrial and military might has raised Japanese concerns. Now provoked by North Korea, Japan has enough uranium stockpiled to build 200 nuclear weapons in a 3 year period if a government decision is made to do so. Any withdrawal of the U.S. Navy from the South China Sea and the Pacific because of ‘sequestration’ may cause Japan to begin a nuclear buildup.

Since the U.S. revealed it’s X37B unmanned space craft with capacity to stay in orbit for 200 days carrying an ‘unspecified payload’ all other serious contenders including Europe, China, and Russia with it’s newly found oil revenues of $700 billion annually, must meet this challenge, by placing weaponry in space!

Prophecies show that before a peaceful world is established by God’s intervention the U.S. and British populated countries will have suffered massive drought, followed by a first strike NUCLEAR or other modern weapons attack by a 10 nation force led by Germany, with devastating effect on our cities and defenses.

South American nations with leadership influenced by Europe and the Vatican will no doubt be ordered to send millions of military conscripts across the U.S. southern border and into Canada, to occupy our towns and cities. Britain will simultaneously suffer a final European (Roman Empire) invasion by 10 nations. This shockingly will be the conditions which will exist in the lands we love upon Christ’s return.

Begin to obey God’s commandments including His seventh day Sabbath, which will become ‘a sign between yourself and God.’ You may be considered worthy to escape what is prophesied to come soon upon the American and British peoples!

Be sure to read ‘Germany In Prophecy’, ‘World Peace How It Will Come?’ and also ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow, What it Will Be Like.’ Find these short reads on Page 1 of the America And Britain’s Future Free Library.


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