In April of 2017, the Daily Express reported that parts of Britain could suffer water shortages after the driest winter in twenty years.

London, Britain’s seat of government and one of the world’s largest cities has a water problem they cannot solve, 41% of Britain’s underground water which supplies 80% of the nation’s DRINKING WATER is no longer being replenished partly due to industrial use.

A Promise Kept

For more than eight hundred years, our government and those of the democracies which we have established around the world have adhered to certain principles of moral behavior and higher ethics, making our nation the envy of the entire world.

There has always been the individual breaking of the rules, but nationally to a degree, we did our part.

But for the last forty years, we have had a new breed of leaders and legislators who have trashed the Judeo-Christian principals upon which British law was based, changing our laws and directly offending the one true God who really does exist.

He has fulfilled His promise to our ancestors of world power and tremendous wealth.

Given The Wealth Of The World

Those nations whose populations have used the ‘Ten Commandments‘ as their moral guidelines have been given such incredible wealth to enjoy over centuries. The rest of the world shares only one third of the earth’s resources!

Britain was given control of eight times more territory than that of the Roman Empire!

Take a look at the territory occupied by the European Union today. It exists within the same boundaries as the old Roman Empire, then multiply this by eight times!

Consider the vastness of Canada and the massive Australian continent to begin to realize the wealth Britain was given! Then add to this the entire British Empire!

It is incredible how rich we still remain compared with other nations!

Biting The Hand That Fed Us For So Long

But now today, our nation and our nation’s leaders have been educated away from believing in Gods’ existence and therefore do not realize the significance behind the fact that they have changed many of our laws, now directly in conflict with Gods’ Law.

These educated men and women, some from the top schools in our land will not even stop to consider the ‘CAUSE AND EFFECT’ principles behind our growing massive national debt, the massive drought crisis which WILL come soon, and the FACT that after eight hundred years of acknowledgment they have FORGOTTEN God!

Rain In Due Season

One constant necessity is to have ‘rain in due season.’ Any drought in Britain will affect our food supply and our ability to provide the water supply needed to keep our cities livable and disease free!

In the coming years, farmers will plant additional acreage to make up losses caused by successive drought, only to find worse drought conditions year after year.

This condition exists today in the massive food producing state of Queensland, Australia now only producing forty percent of normal!

We are told even our enemies will be in shock when they see the destruction caused by the coming drought as it progresses in the years ahead!

See the short informative ‘Drought, Flood, Famine‘ on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

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