In ‘The Ascent of Money’ author Neil Ferguson, a ‘canny’ Scottish Harvard educated Financial Historian, outlines the cause of the U.S. decline and that of previous world dominant nations. Simply, “Indebtedness becomes overwhelming and growth rates decline.”

The astute Jamie Dimon of Chase Bank warns the U.S. that “we must correct our financial chaos, before this is done to us!” The last 100 years of European history should have taught us this lesson.

It has been the world’s good fortune to have had the U.S. accept the burden of policing the world since World War Two. This world ruled by Germany, Japan or the Soviet Union would have suffered a much different history written in a 3rd Reich or Stalinist world dominated nightmare.

The ‘biting the hand that feeds you’ mentality which the world is beginning to assume, will soon result in the toleration of a European dictator. He will plunge the world into the final ‘dark age’ before the personal intervention of the Planner, Designer and Builder of all that exists,”lest no flesh would be saved” alive!

Fortunately the U.S. and British decline has been caused to coincide with a time schedule in which – after military defeat and three and a half year of national captivity, what is left of our nations populations will be incorporated into God’s one thousand year rule on earth.

For your personal assurance of a final end to wars and world crisis, and to learn how God has planned for the U.S. and British descended peoples to be re-formed into ‘One Nation Under God’, see ‘The United States And Britain In Prophecy’ and the extensive ‘America And Britain In Prophecy’ on page 1 of the America And Britain’s Future Free Library.

Many questions are answered on Library pages 4-6.


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