I glanced at a ‘Beatles’ poster on my way into the theatre. Unknown outside of Liverpool they received polite applause then stepped back into the shadows as Helen Shapiro, the star of the show came on stage. That night the Beatles played backup, but the ‘magical experience’ which Paul McCartney speaks of was about to enter the Beatles recording studio as they began their rise to fame.

I visited Liverpool several times in those days sailing the Mersey, traveling to Ireland, the Isle of Man, the British Midlands, Oxfordshire, Ashford in Kent, Bricket Wood, St. Albans, London and the south coast of England since 1963.

At a White House concert Paul McCartney shared how ‘Yesterday’ had come to him in a dream! After two weeks of attempting to find who had written the song, “I decided to claim it.” Many of today’s ‘song writers’ have had similar experiences. ‘Yesterday’ became the most popular song ever, recorded by over 600 artists, and will bring in royalties along with hundreds of Lennon&McCartney songs over forty years, causing him to become the first Pop Music Billionaire!

Hungry For Success

After suffering years of financial hardship in Liverpool and in Hamburg, Germany, where they often lacked enough money to buy food, the Beatles were hungry for success. One story from back then tells of Lennon and McCartney arguing over whether they should spend an extra penny to pay for jam (jelly) on their toast at breakfast and stealing loaves of bread in order to eat!

Even after having hit records in Britain, they were forced to pay almost all their income in taxes, inspiring George Harrison’s song ‘Tax Man.’ Paul found himself low on funds with he and his family living in a partly renovated farm house in Scotland. It was not until they arrived in the U.S., where the tax laws allowed them to keep their incomes as long as the money do not leave the country, that The Beatles became wealthy.

Becoming A Bad Influence

Unknown to the Beatles, with their joking good humor and open admissions of pot smoking, cocaine and hard drug use, they ‘were chosen’ to help lead many of the once stable British and American youth into the drug culture of today, causing the destruction of many young people, including the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives over two generations and causing endless heartache for parents. I remember living in England in the sixties where in small towns young people would be found each morning lying dead by the roadside because of overdosing.

In the ‘Beatles Anthology’ they make several references to drug use, with George Harrison mentioning smoking pot as John drove them in his psychedelically painted Rolls Royce filled with pot smoke as he picked up Paul and George on the way to recording sessions, falling out of the Rolls at the Abbey Road studio. George talked about being shown his brain tissue, c r a w l i n g, vowing off mind altering drugs at that time.

John Lennon played the rebel in his early music career and was reportedly unhappy with the humorous image the Beatles were given particularly in the U.S., having preferred the ‘Bad Boy’ image, which the Rolling Stones maintained. He may have taken the Beatles name from the biker gang name which Lee Marvin used in a movie. Lennon changed the spelling to Beat-les to reflect the beat of their music, which became known as the Mersey Beat, with a local magazine using the name of the Mersey river which flows through Liverpool.

It was reported that before his tragic death he had suffered a long period of drug addiction, during which time he infrequently left his home.

Recently Paul has said that he will no longer smoke pot, the reason given is that he does not want to set a bad example to his own younger children. This was allegedly an every day habit, according to an x-wife. Smoking dope no doubt freed his mind to receive the songs which he claimed, rewarding him with a billion dollars for his loyalty to setting the world a bad example. Just as Mick Jagger said when he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, “A reward for twenty years of BAD BEHIVOUR.”

So, Who Writes The Songs And Who Is Responsible For All Of This?

Paul might like to know who gave Lennon and McCartney their songs and The Beatles their success, influencing society around the world in the use of illegal drugs while singing along, he’s been a ‘Lucky Man’ to have reached beyond age ‘Sixty Four’ when so many young people he and the Beatles influenced did not. He has also talked openly about an earlier cocaine habit which no doubt has also influenced others.

Read these revealing words of a song by another song writer, “I’ve been alive forever… and I wrote the very first song… my music will make you dance, make you feel that you wanna take a chance, so come along with me…! I write the songs, I write the songs”! A being known as the ‘Prince of the power of the air’ literally broadcasts the attitudes expressed in our music, and writes the songs that make the whole world sing, believe it or not Paul. He became the original rebel!

The songs which come to many in the music industry are fed to them in order to take us on a trip, to build up our independence from our parents, and to drag us down generation by generation. Be aware and protect yourself from the latest epidemic of heroin addiction.

Only six weeks of heroin use makes YOU a heroin ADDICT. Please DO NOT TRY THIS TOTALLY ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCE, chances are YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE! To be totally informed, see ‘The Dilemma Of Drugs’ on Page 2 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.


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